What Is The Meaning Of Awake?

What is the opposite word of awake?

awaken, wake up, lucid, wide awake, conscious.

Antonyms: fall asleep, asleep, unconscious..

What is the difference between wake and awake?

Both verbs have approximately the same meaning — to rise or rouse from sleep — and can have both transitive (I woke up the dog.) and intransitive (I am waking up.) meanings. “Awaken” is a bit more formal (some would say stuffy).

What is difference between sleep and asleep?

Asleep is an adjective meaning to be sleeping. For example, “The cat is asleep.”. Sleep is a verb, an it generally means for your eyes to be closed, your muscles relaxed, your brain activity to be lower than usual, and your consciousness to be partially suspended.

What is the difference between sleep and sleeping?

1. “Sleep” is a state wherein the body is in a reduced consciousness with the muscles and sensory activities being inactive while “asleep” is being already in a state of sleep. 2. The word “sleep” is used as a noun or a verb in a sentence while the word “asleep” is used as an adverb or an adjective in a sentence.

Are you up meaning?

The question ‘Are you up? ‘ means ‘Are you awake? ‘. When someone is up, it means he or she is not asleep.

What does it mean to be fully awake?

phrase. Someone who is wide awake is fully awake and unable to sleep. I could not relax and still felt wide awake. Synonyms: conscious, fully awake, roused, wakened More Synonyms of wide awake. See full dictionary entry for awake.

Are you awake correct sentence?

“Are you awake ?” is correct considering you are asking someone in present. And instead of “are you awoken ?” , “were you awoken ?” (by someone in past ) would be one way to go.

Are you asleep means?

If you’re asleep, you’re not awake and reading this. A baby might find it hard to fall asleep without being held and rocked. Some people snore when they’re asleep, and others have strange, vivid dreams.

What is the sentence of awake?

Awake sentence examples. I was awake half the night. She was still awake an hour later when Alex came through the door. Betsy was awake when I returned.

What type of word is awake?

adjective. waking; not sleeping. vigilant; alert: They were awake to the danger.

Are you awake or awoke?

Awake and awaken are two distinct verbs that both mean “to rise from sleep.” The verb forms for awake are irregular, but the most common choices are awake, awoke, and was awoken. The verb forms for awaken are regular: awakens, awakened, was awakened.

Was slept meaning?

Slept is the past tense and past participle of sleep. Quick word challenge. Quiz Review.

How do you ask someone if they are awake?

Hi, if the person is in bed but still awake you could use a number of expressions ie: “aren’t you asleep yet?”; “are you battling to fall asleep”?; do you want something to help you fall asleep”? You don’t always have to use the word “asleep”, you can use the word “sleep”.

When we are asleep in this world we are awake in another?

Quote by Salvador Dalí: “When we are asleep in this world, we are awake …”

What is the means of awake?

When you’re awake, you’re conscious and aware of your surroundings. When you’re not awake, you’re asleep. … When awake is used as a verb, it means “wake up:” “I watched my kitten awake from a deep sleep and yawn.” Awake comes from two Old English roots, āwæcnan, “to arise,” and āwacian, “to revive.”