What Does Concordant Mean?

How accurate is a burette?

10 mL burettes are usually graduated each 0.05 mL, while 25 mL and 50 mL burettes are usually graduated each 0.1 mL.

0.050 mL out of 50 mL is 0.1%, and that’s about maximum precision that we can get from volume measurement when using burette..

What is concordance study?

Concordance, as used in genetics, usually means the presence of the same trait in both members of a pair of twins. However, the strict definition is the probability that a pair of individuals will both have a certain characteristic, given that one of the pair has the characteristic.

What is another word for concordance?

What is another word for concordance?agreeanceaccordharmonyunanimityconcordunionunityconcurrenceconsonanceunison35 more rows

What does concordant mean in geology?

A concordant, longitudinal, or Pacific type coastline occurs where beds, or layers, of differing rock types are folded into ridges that run parallel to the coast. … Sometimes the outer hard rock is punctured, allowing the sea to erode the softer rocks behind.

What are the 4 types of titration?

Types of TitrationAcid-base Titrations.Redox Titrations.Precipitation Titrations.Complexometric Titrations.

What is the example of sills?

Transgressive sills Such sills are known as transgressive, examples include the Whin Sill and sills within the Karoo basin. The geometry of large sill complexes in sedimentary basins has become clearer with the availability of 3D seismic reflection data.

What is a Bible concordance used for?

A Bible concordance is a concordance, or verbal index, to the Bible. A simple form lists Biblical words alphabetically, with indications to enable the inquirer to find the passages of the Bible where the words occur.

What are concordant results?

Usually, readings which are concordant are likely to be reliable. Concordant readings are frequently encountered in titrations in chemistry, where titre values are said to be concordant if they are within 0.20 cm3 of each other.

What’s concordant mean?

English Language Learners Definition of concordant formal : in agreement : having the same characteristics. See the full definition for concordant in the English Language Learners Dictionary. concordant. adjective.

How is Sills formed?

Sills: form when magma intrudes between the rock layers, forming a horizontal or gently-dipping sheet of igneous rock.

What is the difference between a pipette and burette?

Burette and pipette are lab equipment used in the volumetric analysis of an analyte. Burette is a glass tube having a tap at the bottom. Pipette is also a glass tube that has a bulge in the middle. They both have gradations to measure the quantity of chemical substances.

What is the difference between compliance and concordance?

Concordance refers to a consultation process between a health care professional and a patient. Compliance refers to a specific patient behaviour: did the patient take the medicine in accordance with the wishes of the health care professional?

What does non concordant mean?

not comparablenonconcordant (not comparable) Discordant; inharmonious; disconsonant; not in keeping with; not agreeable with; disagreeing. The patient’s left leg symptoms were nonconcordant with the right leg symptoms.

How are concordant coastlines formed?

A concordant coastline occurs where the bands of differing rock types run parallel to the coast. The outer hard provides a protective barrier to erosion of the softer rocks further inland. Sometimes the outer hard rock is punctured allowing the sea to erode the softer rocks behind.

What are the advantages of using a burette?

Burettes allow for dispensing larger volumes than a pipette. The purpose of measuring cylinders is not the dispensing of liquids but they can contain a larger volume than the aforementioned two. They are designed to indicate exactly how much liquid the cylinder contains.

What is concordant care?

Providing language-concordant care is an opportunity for physicians and care teams to help patients overcome the social factors that impact their health and well-being [21].

How do you use concordance in a sentence?

Concordance in a Sentence 🔉The newest scientific data was in concordance with the last test and also the one before that. … Because both parties were in concordance, the lawsuit was settled out of court.More items…

What does a burette do?

What is a burette? Burettes are glass volumetric instruments calibrated to deliver (TD, Ex) and are used for titration in volumetric analysis. Compared to pipettes, the handling of burettes is different during practical use and calibration.

How a titration is carried out?

The process is usually carried out by gradually adding a standard solution (i.e., a solution of known concentration) of titrating reagent, or titrant, from a burette, essentially a long, graduated measuring tube with a stopcock and a delivery tube at its lower end.

What is the aim of titration?

The concentration of a basic solution can be determined by titrating it with a volume of a standard acid solution (of known concentration) required to neutralize it. The purpose of the titration is the detection of the equivalence point, the point at which chemically equivalent amounts of the reactants have been mixed.