Quick Answer: Why Is It Called A Minge?

What does whinging mean?

verb whinges, whingeing or whinged (intr) to cry in a fretful way.

to complain..

What does Barney mean in England?

1 British, informal. a : an angry argument : altercation, row You might have a barney with your husband over his inability to find your jokes funny but actually resorting to punching, kicking or lifting a weapon is beyond me.— Elaine C.

Where does the word Clunge come from?

Etymology. A nonsense word in a rant by McBlane (actor Joseph Brady) in the third series of The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin as “ap yer clunge!” (“up your clunge”). Probably invented by writer David Nobbs to mean “arse”. Popularised by British television series The Inbetweeners (from 2008).

What is minging in British slang?

minging (comparative more minging, superlative most minging) (Britain, slang) Unattractive or repulsive.

What is a Gary in slang?

noun. anus. From an episode of Southpark. That girl takes it in the Gary. Yeah, I got her in the Gary last night.

Is Minge a word?

noun. A woman’s pubic hair or genitals.

What does viciously mean?

1. Mean-spirited or deliberately hurtful; malicious: vicious gossip. 2. a. Extremely violent or injurious; cruel: a vicious blow to the stomach; vicious tactics in suppressing a rebellion.

What’s Munging mean?

Munging is the deliberate alteration of an e-mail address on a Web page to hide the address from spambot programs that scour the Internet for e-mail addresses. Such addresses are easily recognized because they contain the @ symbol. … Munging should not be used if a response to a particular correspondence is desired.

What does the word Minge mean in England?

Noun. minge (plural minges) (Britain, Australia, New Zealand, vulgar, slang) The pubic hair and vulva. quotations ▼ Synonyms: see Thesaurus:vulva, Thesaurus:pubic hair.

Where does the word minging come from?

In Scottish English, ‘ming’ is an old word for a bad smell, so originally ‘minging’ meant ‘smelly’ – as it still can. But of course calling someone smelly is a perfect way of insulting them, and around the year 2000 British teenagers started using it more broadly to mean ‘disgusting’.

What does Minge twinge mean?

Nail your crotch to the hive of pleasure!

What does strewn mean?

verb (used with object), strewed, strewn [stroon] or strewed, strew·ing. to let fall in separate pieces or particles over a surface; scatter or sprinkle: to strew seed in a garden bed. to cover or overspread (a surface, place, etc.) with something scattered or sprinkled: to strew a floor with sawdust.

What does Hanging mean slang?

Having bad luck. About to fall apart psychologically. Also a superlative form. “Hangin’ from a string”, “danglin’ from a string.”

What is toilet paper called in England?

6 Political Scandals. 17 Bits of Nostalgia from 1957….27 American Terms and Their British Equivalents.American TermBritish Term16. elevatorlift17. restroomloo18. trucklorry19. ground beefmince22 more rows