Quick Answer: Why Did Baldur Kill Freya?

Why was Baldur after Faye?

God of War’s Baldur was sent to find the last giant, Faye, by his Godly father, Odin, in order to prevent Ragnarök, not knowing that she was already ashes by his arrival.

This was the prophecy that the Giants foretold, of the twilight of the gods – the prophecy that Odin so desperately wanted to prevent..

Can Freya revive Baldur?

But Freya cannot revive him when her son is already dead. … And that Freya could reanimate Baldur this way, but probably wouldn’t because of how he responded to being “saved” by her spells in the first place.

Is Freya a Valkyrie?

She is a Vanir goddess who helps Kratos and Atreus on their Journey. She is the daughter of Njörd, an ex-wife of Odin, the estranged mother of Baldur, the sister of Freyr, and the former Queen of the Valkyries before Sigrún.

How did Freya die?

Some believe that she dies in the battle or kills herself after the war out of grief. While some think she dies others think she lives. Unlike the other norse gods her death was never mentioned and worship of the goddess still continued even after the gods and their religion fell and was replaced.

What did Freya stole from Baldur?

Freya was the wife of Odin. Freya is the mother of Baldur and just like in Norse lore, she has used magic to protect her son Baldur against anything from Earth except for one basic, unexpected thing: mistletoe. It is for this reason Baldur is seeking Kratos, to seek pain and death, and he believes that thanks to Odin.

Who did Freya marry?

Her father is Njord. Her mother is unknown, but could be Nerthus. Freyr is her brother. Her husband, named Odr in late Old Norse literature, is certainly none other than Odin, and, accordingly, Freya is ultimately identical with Odin’s wife Frigg (see below for a discussion of this).

Why does Baldur say snow?

After they kill balder at final ending. He was dead lies on the ground whisper to himself and say SNOW. … For that reason, when Baldur still was an infant, her mother Freya tried to make sure he would never be harmed by anything.

Does Kratos kill Freya?

Kratos spares his life after a prolonged battle but chokes him to death after Baldur tries to kill Freya (for inflicting him with the invulnerability that robbed him of any sense of feeling for so long). This ends with Freya cursing Kratos for all eternity.

What powers does Balder have?

Superhuman Strength: Like all Asgardians, Balder is superhumanly strong and possesses physical strength of an average Asgardian male. At his peak, Balder is able to lift about 50 tons. Superhuman Speed: Balder is capable of running and moving at speeds much greater than that of even the finest human athlete.

Is Kratos stronger than Baldur?

GOW3 Kratos is physically stronger than Baldur and is faster than lightning, arguements can be made for him to do it wih no weapons.

Why was Kratos mad at Freya?

Very early in the game Kratos meets a witch who helps both him and Atreus. Eventually it’s revealed she’s actually the goddess Freya, and the mother of Baldur. She’s the one responsible for his magical invulnerability, which is why she gets angry about Atreus’ mistletoe arrows and destroys them.

Can Kratos kill Thor?

The giant’s prophecy foretold his defeat and death, but Kratos has been known to come back from such things. He will come back, and kill Thor after traveling through Hellheim. The problem with this fight is that there is no comic equivalent of Kratos.

Is Freya Thor’s mother?

Freya FactsName(s):FreyaParents:Njord (Father) and Uncertain Mother (Earth?)Siblings:Twin Brother Freyr (or Frey)Greek Similar:AphroditeRoman Similar:Venus4 more rows

Why did Freya throw away the arrows?

The Real Reason Why Freya Took the Green Arrows Away From Atreus. Freya knew that it would cause Baldur to feel again making him vulnerable.

Is Atreus Thor’s brother?

No, they are not putting Loki or Thor’s step-brother into the God of War game. They are putting a boy named Atreus (named after the father of the brothers Agamemnon and Menelaus in Illiad)[1] into the God of War game, who also plays the role of Loki in that franchise.