Quick Answer: Is Sky Mobile Cheaper For Sky Customers?

Can I get 2 phones on Sky Mobile?

@EmilyH87 You can log into your Sky accoubnt and navigate tyo ther mobile page, from here you can add a new sim contract and order handsets, please note you can only purchase 1 hjandset at a time.

If you wanting 2 phones one will be Sim free, as yoiub have asim already, the other can be bought with a data package also..

Who provides Sky Mobile coverage?

O2 networkNetwork coverage Sky Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), and its services run on the O2 network. There’s good 4G coverage, with Ofcom recently confirming that O2 can now provide 4G mobile data coverage to 98% of premises across the UK.

Does Sky do unlimited data?

With Sky Mobile, you have the flexibility to change your plan whenever you like and enjoy unlimited streaming on all Sky apps, without using your data. … And no matter which Sky Mobile plan you choose, you can change your mix of data, calls and texts every month.

What can Sky Mobile customers do with watch?

SKY MOBILE customers will now enjoy unlimited streaming on Sky services – without it draining their data allowance. It means you’ll be able to watch movies and TV shows on the go, and not have to panic that you’re about to go over your monthly data cap.

Does EE offer NHS discount?

EE mobile – Exclusive 20% off new phones for NHS If you’re employed directly by an EE Corporate customer or EE approved partner with a current employee number and access to the EE site, you could get a 20% discount on selected pay monthly price plans from EE.

Does o2 do NHS discount?

O2 Open offer We’re already working with the NHS, teachers, Sainsbury’s and loads of other companies, so check whether your employer’s involved too. To find out, simply text OPEN, followed by your company’s name, to 61202. With O2 Open you get: 25% discount on 3GB and above Airtime Plans (data, minutes and texts).

Do you own the phone on Sky Mobile?

You own the phone once you contract has been paid off in full, so if your contract length is 36 months then once you have made the last payment then the phone is yours.

Do you have to be a Sky customer to have Sky Mobile?

Sky Mobile pricing If you’re not already a Sky customer, Sky Mobile’s plans are not especially competitive. In fact, if you don’t plan to take advantage of Sky’s other service such as broadband, TV and home phone, you’ll find cheaper deals from other mobile networks.

Is Sky Mobile a good deal?

Sky Mobile is clearly best for Sky TV customers, since you can stream without using your data allowance when using its apps. However, it’s worth considering even if you get your entertainment elsewhere, as being able to roll over an unlimited amount of data is a big selling point that few networks can match.

Can I keep my number if I switch to Sky Mobile?

How do I join Sky Mobile and keep my existing number? You’ll need a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) which lets you transfer your number to Sky Mobile and cancels your services with your old provider. To get your PAC from your existing provider, text PAC to 65075.

Which is the best UK mobile provider?

EEBest overall UK network All things considered, there’s a reason EE is the biggest UK mobile network. While others are better in unique areas like unlimited data, flexible tariffs, and more, EE has the widest coverage, great perks, speedy 4G, and a strong foundation for 5G.

Why does Sky Mobile have 2 SIM cards?

This does happen as it is an error by Sky, it doesn’t matter which one you use as you can keep the other one as a spare.

How do I give my PAC code to Sky Mobile?

Alternatively, you can give the PAC Code to Sky Mobile by calling 03300 412 524 on your Sky Mobile handset. You can also call 03300 412 524 from any other phone. The PAC Code should be submitted through a form on Sky Mobile’s website.

Do Sky customers get discount on Sky Mobile?

Anyone can take out a Sky Mobile deal, but choosing this network is an especially good call for Sky TV customers – it comes with a few special extras. If you’ve got Sky TV, a Sky Mobile plan will give you: … Sky Go Extra, included free of charge.

Does Sky Mobile give NHS discount?

Sky have a number of discounts for to take advantage of, ranging from a discount on broadband and TV packages, together with mobile phone and contract bundles. At the moment however there is no official NHS discount at Sky. … Mobile Phone deals with FREE Handsets.

What is unlimited streaming for Sky TV customers?

Friday 8 March 2019. Sky Mobile announces a new version of its Watch offer, giving customers unlimited streaming on any Sky app, such as Sky Go, Sky Kids, Sky Sports and Sky Cinema, without using a single MB of their data allowance.

Does IKEA do NHS discount?

Unfortunately its bad news at the moment as the official line from the company is that there are no NHS discount codes for IKEA. However this is all subject to change and it is actually the store managers who can offer flash sales or money off items, so we would advise that you simply ask at your local store.

How do I use my PAC code on Sky Mobile?

Keep your number – Sky Mobile All you need to do is: Activate your SIM (if you haven’t already). Request a PAC from your old service provider – using your old SIM (not your Sky SIM) text PAC to 65075. Submit your request online.