Quick Answer: How Do I Change My DStv Package?

Which is the best DStv package?

The price of each DStv servicePackageMonthly PriceChannelsDStv PremiumR809151DStv Compact PlusR519133DStv CompactR399120DStv FamilyR265872 more rows•Feb 4, 2020.

What is the difference between DStv Compact and DSTV Compact Plus?

Compact Plus sits between DStv Premium and DStv Compact, and offers sport, general entertainment, and kids channels. Its monthly fee remains R489 and its channels list is untouched, but MultiChoice said the name change eliminates confusion between the Extra package and the DStv XtraView service.

How do I downgrade my DStv Online?

DStv downgrade online Visit the easy service portal. The downgrading and upgrading process on the website is similar. Please pay in the difference between the upgraded or downgraded package and your current package (from the time left until your next payment date).

How long does it take to change DStv ownership?

It took us nearly 2 hours and all the paperwork was done. That is ID books presented and copied plus a form filled in by both parties.

How can I upgrade my DStv package after payment?

Whenever you want to upgrade your DStv package, you can simply do so by typing “Upgrade” + (your smartcard number) + (preferred package) and sending via SMS to 1731.

How do I change my DStv account details?

So you have a decoder that you want to use? Download our Change of Ownership form to start the process. The completed form and other required documents can be dropped off at a MultiChoice Service Centre or Agency, sent via email to help@dstv.com or faxed to 011 577 4901.

How do I change my DStv phone package?

Sign in Eazy Self Service by entering your Surname/Mobile number and your Smartcard number/Customer Number or you can log in with your Connect ID. Once you have signed in click on the Account button. On the Account page click on the Add or Change button.

Can I put my DStv smart card in another decoder?

What happens if I want to use my smart card in a different decoder for the afternoon? This is NOT recommended. You will need to contact the MultiChoice Call Centre to have your smart card force-married to the decoder you want to use.

How do I reconnect my DStv?

DStv on Twitter: “We automatically reconnect you within an hour of receiving your DStv payment. Dial *120*68584# to clear E16 errors.”

Can I downgrade my DStv package?

When you upgrade, you need to pay in the difference between your current package and the upgraded package for the time left until your next payment date. You can downgrade once a month on the day your subscription payment is due. You can log onto Self Service and request for us to schedule this downgrade for you.

How do I upgrade my DStv package in Ghana?

How to Change Your DStv Package (Upgrade or Downgrade)Log in using your phone number or surname and your SmartCard Number.On your account dashboard, click the Account button > Add or Change button.You can now have access to your current bouquet and other DStv packages you can choose from.More items…

How do I downgrade from DStv Compact to access?

I’m a DStv Compact subscriber and I want to downgrade to Family, Access or EasyViewGo to www.showmax.com.Sign in.Click on your name on the top right corner of your screen if you’re using a browser on your PC or laptop. … Go to My Account.Cancel your existing payment method (DStv Add to Bill).More items…•

How do I upgrade my DStv decoder?

You can manually update the software as follows :Press the blue DStv button.Go to Settings.Select User Preferences.Select General.Select Download latest software.(If this option is greyed out, the decoder is already on the latest software)

How do I reactivate my DStv after subscription?

How to reset DStv after paymentSend an SMS with the word RESET accompanied by your smartcard number to 30333.You will receive a confirmation message informing you that your request is being processed.Check after a while if the channels are available.