Quick Answer: Do EBay Sellers See Your Address?

Is it safe to give your address on eBay?

Members can send messages to each other through eBay.

We also don’t allow members to offer, reference, or request email addresses, phone numbers or other contact information, physical addresses, web addresses, or links within eBay messaging systems (Best Offer, My Messages, etc.)..

Can eBay users see my name?

Answers (2) Anyone one on the internet can see what you have sold if they know your eBay ID (ralphnem). … If your eBay ID contains part or all of your real name, then it is potentially possible for those who know your real name to discover your eBay ID.

How do I hide my name on eBay?

Answers (3) Your user name is already hidden. Only you can see it. Log out of ebay and look at a listing you have bid on, your user ID will be masked just like everyone elses. Your ID is alreay masked , only you and the seller you buy from can see what your ID is.

Can eBay buyers see my email address?

No, buyers cannot view your Paypal email address.

Do you need a eBay account to buy something?

You can usually buy on eBay without an account if the item is selling for less than $5,000 and it’s offered with Buy It Now. You need an eBay account to bid on an auction item.

Does PayPal give the seller your address?

PayPal requires sellers to only ship items to buyers registered name and address on his/hers PayPal account. You can not ask sellers to ship to someone else. When you pay for goods, the seller will get the name and address and phone number that you registered when signing up with PayPal.

Can I hide my purchases on eBay?

You can’t remove items from your Purchase History, but you can hide them. Look to the far right of the item of interest and click the More Actions link, you will see a drop down menu that contains an option to Hide Order.

What information can a buyer see on eBay?

Anyone who bids or wins or buys an item from you can get your contact details from ebay. This will be your name, street and phone number. You have bought for a long time so several hundred sellers have your name, address and email. Why would you mind your buyers knowing?

Does eBay share credit card information with sellers?

The seller does not receive your credit card information at all. During eBay Checkout, you are paying through a secure payment Gateway – your payment is sent to their Internet Merchant Account, and they will receive a confirmation of your payment.

Do eBay sellers see your credit card number?

Do NOT give your CC information to the seller on the phone. This is not an eBay sanctioned method of payment so you would lose your eBay Buyer Protection. If you pay with your credit card through PayPal, no, the seller does not see your card information. If you give the seller the cc number, etc., yes.

Should I give my PayPal email address to someone on eBay?

You do not need to EVER provide your PayPal email address to any buyer. Invoices are all done automatically via eBay. I suggest that you refund any payment and Cancel this transaction immediately.

How do you find someone’s address on eBay?

Once the buyer has paid you will receive an email from Paypal confirming payment received and the address to post the item to. Or to the right of the item in the sold section of My Ebay there is a drop down menu, click on ‘order details’ and the address will be there.

Why does eBay ask for your address?

Answers (1) More probably, the seller may simply want to verify the address, since so many buyers forget to update their shipping address on eBay, and the holidays do dictate a tight shipping timeline.

Can you be anonymous on eBay?

You can create an anonymous seller account with eBay in order to prevent sharing your identity with people who view your eBay profile. Provide an anonymous email address, a made-up location and a username that conceals your identity to use eBay as anonymously as possible. …

Is it safer to use PayPal or credit card on eBay?

The safest way to shop on eBay is to use a credit card whether through PayPal or direct through the seller’s merchant account. … In the rare instance that your purchase is not covered, most credit card companies will stand behind you if you encounter problems using your card online.