Question: How Much Does Mpesa Charge To Withdraw 3000?

How do I withdraw my mpesa Commission?

Withdraw from M-PESAConfirm the agent has sufficient funds for your transaction.Give your phone number and show your original ID.Go to your M-PESA menu, select ‘Withdraw cash’.Enter the Agent number, the amount you wish to withdraw and your PIN.You will receive a screen with the above transaction details.More items….

How much does it cost to withdraw 2500 from mpesa?

Withdrawal from M-PESA AgentMin(KSHs.)Max(KSHs.)M-PESA Charges1,5012,500282,5013,500503,5015,000675,0017,5008411 more rows

Is mpesa business profitable?

Operating an M-Pesa shop is one of the most profitable businesses in Kenya today. … According to the Communication Authority’s quarter one report, 22.7 million out of the 28 million mobile money subscribers are M-Pesa customers.

How much does it cost to withdraw 50000 from mpesa?

Safaricom Mpesa Charges for Agent and Mpesa to MpesaMin (Ksh)Max (Ksh)Withdraw From M-PESA Agent10,00115,00016215,00120,00018020,00135,00019135,00150,00027011 more rows•Jun 4, 2020

How much does it cost to withdraw 200 from mpesa?

Safaricom Mpesa Withdrawal Charges for ATMMpesa Transaction Range (Ksh)Min (Ksh)Max (Ksh)Mpesa Charges2002,500342,5015,00067500110,0001121 more row•Dec 20, 2019

How much money can my mpesa account hold?

Maximum Balance at any given time on your Mpesa account is KSHs 100,000 (You won’t be able to receive additional cash if your balance is Ksh 100,000.) Maximum Daily Transaction Value is KSHs 140,000. You are allowed to send a maximum of Ksh 70,000 and another 70k per transaction.

How much can mpesa hold?

100,000 that is the maximum your Mpesa account can hold. Safaricom has also set out a daily transaction limit of Ksh. 140,000, and a limit of Ksh 70,000 per transaction.

How much does it cost to withdraw 70000 from mpesa?

Mpesa withdrawal charges 2020Minimum KshMaximum KshM-PESA Charges Ksh15,00120,00018020,00135,00019135,00150,00027050,00170,00030013 more rows•Jun 12, 2020

How does mpesa make money?

M-Pesa creates economic value for Safaricom in two primary ways: Revenue from transaction fees that Safaricom collects via the agent during cash withdrawal operations and transfer operations (depositing money into mobile wallet is free). Reduce Safaricom customers’ churn, improve engagement, lifetime value etc.

How can I talk to a Safaricom agent?

Talk To UsCustomer Support Team. PrePay: Call 100 (Free) Or +254 722 002100 (chargeable) … Online Support Team. Twitter – @Safaricom_Care and @SafaricomPLC. … Careers and HR. Jobs and Internships – Log on to Career Portal and upload your CV and apply. … Communications and PR Team. … CEO’s Office.

How much does it cost to withdraw 1500 from mpesa?

The M-Pesa charges have increased by an average of 1 shilling for withdrawing, including via ATMs, and sending money. For instance sending Ksh. 1,001 – 1,500 will now cost Ksh. 26, up from Ksh.

How much do mpesa agents earn?

According to Safaricom the lowest commission an agent earns is Ksh 4 when Ksh50-Ksh100 is transacted. If a customer transacts Ksh 101-Ksh510 the commission is Ksh8. The commission increases with the increase in transacted amount. The highest amount of money an agent earns from a single transaction is Ksh190.