Question: How Many Concurrent Requests Can MongoDB Handle?

Is MongoDB good for large data?

Because of its features, MongoDB is The database for Big Data processing.

MongoDB, the open-source NoSQL database, was recently named “Database Management System of the Year” by DB-Engines with a good reason, as NoSQL databases are generally better-suited for processing Big Data than RDBMS..

Why is MongoDB bad?

You may end up having a lot of duplicate data, as MongoDB does not support well-defined relationships. Updating this duplicate data can be hard and, also due to lack of ACID compliance, we might end up having corrupted data.

Which database is best for large data?

TOP 10 Open Source Big Data DatabasesCassandra. Originally developed by Facebook, this NoSQL database is now managed by the Apache Foundation. … HBase. Another Apache project, HBase is the non-relational data store for Hadoop. … MongoDB. MongoDB was designed to support humongous databases. … Neo4j. … CouchDB. … OrientDB. … Terrstore. … FlockDB.More items…

How does MongoDB provide concurrency?

MongoDB allows multiple clients to read and write the same data. In order to ensure consistency, it uses locking and other concurrency control measures to prevent multiple clients from modifying the same piece of data simultaneously.

Which is the method used in MongoDB to grant user?

To add a user, MongoDB provides the db. createUser() method. When adding a user, you can assign roles to the user in order to grant privileges. The first user created in the database should be a user administrator who has the privileges to manage other users.

How MongoDB is scalable?

MongoDB supports horizontal scaling through Sharding , distributing data across several machines and facilitating high throughput operations with large sets of data. … The query routers (mongos), which are the instances you have to connect in order to retrieve data.

How many requests can MongoDB handle?

This June, Mike will present at MongoDB World on how Crittercism scaled to 30,000 requests/second (and beyond) on MongoDB. MongoDB is capable of scaling to meet your business needs — that is why its name is based on the word humongous.

Is MongoDB thread safe?

Thread Safety Not all of the MongoDB client classes are thread-safe – please refer to the documentation of your specific driver to check if the classes you’re using are thread-safe. … Internally, MongoClient uses a connection pool to manage connections to the MongoDB server.

How do you implement optimistic concurrency control?

Phases of Optimistic concurrency controlBegin: Record a timestamp marking the transaction’s beginning.Modify: Read database values, and tentatively write changes.Validate: Check whether other transactions have modified data that this transaction has used (read or written).More items…

Which lock in MongoDB provides concurrency?

MongoDB uses reader-writer locks that allow concurrent readers shared access to a resource, such as a database or collection, but in MMAPv1, give exclusive access to a single write operation. WiredTiger uses optimistic concurrency control. WiredTiger uses only intent locks at the global, database and collection levels.

How many concurrent connections can MongoDB handle?

Connection Limits and Cluster TierCluster TierMaximum Number of Concurrent Incoming ConnectionsM40 / M40 Low CPU *6000M50 / M50 Low CPU *16000M60 / M60 Low CPU *32000M80 Low CPU *6400010 more rows

Which of the following operations in MongoDB can lock more than 1 databases?

Answer: The following MongoDB operations lock multiple databases: db. copyDatabase() must lock the entire mongod instance at once.

Is MongoDB faster than MySQL?

Performance and Speed It is magically faster because it allows users to query in a different manner that is more sensitive to workload. Developers note that MySQL is quite slower in comparison to MongoDB when it comes to dealing with large databases. It is unable to cope with large and unstructured amounts of data.

Is MongoDB dead?

MongoDB is still a very young platform to judge to life or death . NoSQL databases have emerged in recent years to provide the performance, scalability, and flexibility required of modern applications.

How do I see how many connections I have in MongoDB?

We can get the information explicitly about the number of connections made to the server by running the command db. serverStatus(). connections from any of the MongoDB Shell connected to the Server.

Is MongoDB transactional?

In MongoDB 2.2, individual operations are Atomic. … By having per database locks and control reads and writes to collections, write operations on collections are Consistent and Isolated. With journaling on, operations may be made Durable.