Question: How Do You Reply To A Comment On Facebook Mobile?

How long does Facebook block your comment?

Why did Facebook block me from commenting or liking for 72 hours saying, “you have posted something that violates Facebook policies”?.

How do you reply to comments on Facebook?

To get started, simply open the Facebook page and select Reply underneath the comment you would like to respond to. Type your reply and then click Enter. Your reply will now be displayed in the comments section for all to see. If you would rather respond via private message, underneath the comment select Message.

Why can’t I reply to a comment on Facebook?

Why can I not reply to the comments on my Facebook posts? … Maybe, it’s because of your privacy settings or your facebook friends privacy settings who recntly commented on. and If you want to fix this problem go to your Settings, then click the Privacy if you want to change something.

How do you reply to a beautiful comment?

“Thank you, that is quite kind of you” and move on. Sometimes it may help to just take the compliment and continue on, reason being, you may not see that you are beautiful (therefore ulterior motives must be be at play according to your mind) but you may actually be beautiful in every sense of the word.

Can you comment as a page on Facebook?

Go to the Page post you want to like or comment on. Click your profile picture in the bottom-right corner of the post. Select the Page you want to like or comment as. Like or comment on the post.

How do you respond to haters comment?

ContentsAdmit to your mistakes – and get over it?Don’t feed the trolls and love the hate.Reply & act fast.Never delete hate comments.Take it offline.Kiss and make up.Close the case.

How do you reply to a mean comment?

Funny Responses to Rude CommentsSorry fella, I don’t have the energy to pretend to like you today.Umm…pardon me, I wasn’t listening. … Ok. … That sounds weird coming from you. … Are you always such an idiot, or do you just show off when I’m around?Whatever you say, hefe. … Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re saying.More items…•

How do you comment as a page on Facebook Mobile App 2020?

How to comment as a page on FacebookLog into Facebook in a browser and go to the post you want to comment on.Next to the comment button, you’ll see your profile icon with a little dropdown arrow next to it. Click on it.Select the name of the page you want to comment as from the dropdown menu, then make your comment.

How do you respond to a hater comment?

Here are four steps that help me respond positively to haters.Respond kindly or don’t respond at all. Either way, don’t give them hate back. … Let the criticism go, or use it as motivation. … Keep moving to your finish line. … Pursue what you want to do—what makes you happy.

How do I prevent people from commenting on my Facebook page?

While you can’t disable comments on your Page’s posts, you can hide or delete individual comments. You can proactively moderate comments and posts by visitors by blocking words and turning on the profanity filter for your Page. You can ban people from your Page. You can turn off reviews for your Page.

How do you comment on Facebook?

To comment on something:Click Comment below the post or in the white box that says Write a comment.Type your comment or: Click to comment with a gif. Click to comment with an emoji. Click to attach a photo or video. Click to post a sticker.Press enter or return to publish it.

What do you say to a negative comment?

Here are twenty things to say that might help your negative loved one come back to the light:It makes me sad to see you in such a bad mood. I really care about you, you know. … I don’t think all this worrying is getting us anywhere. … I heard you’re a wonderful painter/singer/volleyball player. … Let’s get outside.

How do I change Comment settings on Facebook?

To turn comment ranking on or off for profiles:Click in the top right of Facebook.Select Settings & Privacy > Settings.Click Public Posts on the left.Next to Comment Ranking, click Edit.Select On or Off.

How do you change who you are commenting as on Facebook Mobile?

Head to the page you would like to change. Under the “Manage” button in the upper right, click on “Edit Page”: Click on the “Your Settings” button on the top of the left hand navigation: Unclick the top box that says “Always comment and post on your page as PAGE NAME, even when using Facebook as PROFILE NAME.

How do I comment on Facebook Mobile?

Go to the Page post you want to like or comment on. Tap your profile picture in the bottom-right corner of the post. Select the Page you want to like or comment as. Like or comment on the post.

How do I limit who can see my comments on other people’s posts?

When you post something on Facebook, you can use the audience selector to choose who can like or comment on it. If you create a public post, by default everyone can like or comment, even people who aren’t following you. However, you can change who can like or comment on your public posts in your follower settings.

Why can’t I comment on a friends fb post?

“Most” likely that person has blocked you or others from commenting on their post. You may see it but not be able to engage in that post. Facebook has allowed such features to be used a while back.