Question: How Can I Get Free Zee5 Premium?

Is zee5 premium free?

Lastly, the long term Rs.

2,595 plan comes with 2GB data per day, 365 days validity and unlimited talk time.

Recharging with any of these plans will get you one year of ZEE5 Premium subscription at no additional cost.

You can use the subscription with the Zee 5 app on any device, or via the Zee 5 website..

Is zee5 Premium free for Airtel users?

Airtel Users can now recharge with Rs. 289 prepaid plan to get free ZEE5 premium subscription for 28 days along with 1.5GB/day and unlimited calling. … Recharge with Rs 289 prepaid plan and get your free ZEE5 premium subscription to get started with unlimited entertainment!

Is zee5 Premium free for Jio users?

Jio Fiber users can now avail Zee5 Premium subscription for free. … Users just need to open the Zee5 app on their Jio set-top box to log in as a Zee5 Premium subscriber. The video streaming service is touted to have a library of over 4,500 movies and over 120 originals. It also offers content in across 12 languages.

How much does zee5 premium cost?

The ZEE5 premium subscription cost is Rs. 99 per month and Rs. 999 per year.

Is zee5 free for one month?

After your 1-month free trial, you can continue enjoying ZEE5 Premium services at Rs. 99/- per month, which will be added to your ACT Fibernet bill, for convenience.