Question: Can I Have A Penny For Your Thoughts?

How do you use a penny for your thoughts in a sentence?

Examples”You have been quiet for a while, a penny for your thoughts.””You seem pretty serious.

For several minutes they sat in silence, finally she said “A penny for your thoughts, Maya.”Noticing that Sam was in a pensive mood, Hilary said “A penny for your thoughts, Sam.”More items….

Is A Penny for Your Thoughts a metaphor?

Someone says a penny for your thoughts when they want to know what you are thinking, usually when they have been waiting to hear what is on your mind and after a period of silence. The phrase a penny for your thoughts is a gentle coaxing to hear your thoughts, a request rather than a demand.

How do I use 2 cents?

For example: “If I may put my two cents in, that hat doesn’t do you any favors.” (A polite way of saying, for example: That hat is ugly). Another example would be: “My two cents is that you should sell your stock now.”

What is the meaning of 5 cents?

Just a thought, though! Have a look at this wiki entry, which tells us that the expression primarily means throwing in our own advice, valued at 2 or 5 cents. The UK version has pence or penn’orth instead of cents (for obvious reasons).

What is the meaning of a penny for your thoughts?

Definition of (a) penny for your thoughts —used to ask what someone is thinking about”A penny for your thoughts?” “Oh, I’m just thinking about what I want to do over the weekend.”

Why do you put two cents in when it’s only a penny for your thoughts?

Quite simply because the phrase ‘a penny for your thoughts’ can be found in the 16th century (recorded in 1546) and refers to the then English penny (pre-decimal currency), while the cent has to wait another two centuries-plus for the advent of the US dollar.

Where does a penny for your thoughts come from?

The idiomatic interrogative “a penny for your thoughts” is an invitation to a person lost in thought to share what is preoccupying his/her mind. Its origin can be traced back to its first use by Sir Thomas More in his A Treatyce upon the last thynges, written around 1535.

Why is it called a red cent?

There are two possible origins for the phrase red cent, the first simply referring to the reddish hue of the copper used to mint the coin. The second possible meaning comes from the derogatory reference to Native Americans as Red Men, thus referring to the long-ago minted Indianhead penny.

How much is 2 cents worth?

A range of 2 cent coin value is given on the chart. A step by step method is used to narrow the range of how much your coin is worth….Steps Leading to Value:2 Cent Coin Value1867Condition of Coin$10$23$40$8912 more columns