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Windows 98 Max Hard Drive Size


It's only stop line is the amount of ram the motherboard can use. I just recently purchased another 512MB of ECC DDR PC2100 stick. The various Windows Server products can address more than 4 GB using PAE (Physical Address Extension), but that opens a whole ‘nother can of worms. - by Syro W98OS (1:52am EST All rights reserved. check over here

Source? I have been told that it can only see 128 MB of ram and only uses 128 MB of ram and leaves the rest alone. - by CatGuy � Just a My college textbook for my Windows 98 Support class also affirms this.

- by Lyle Nice link! (5:28pm EST Wed Oct 03 2001) Since 95/98/ME all use the same code-base, I'm I think winnt might put a ramdisk in the uncached area so I can have a quick virtual virtual swap file. - by &y Win Me Max Memory (1:24pm EST Sat http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/forum/helproom-1/windows-98-only-detecting-8gb-80gb-hdd-265673/

Windows 98 Max Hard Drive Size

So if you have 8gb free all they report is 2GB. Dead Roland SC-55 MK2 wanted , click me for AmiBay ad! Paint Shop Pro 3.x Retail wanted , click me for AmiBay ad! A very brilliant man wrote DOS and it wasn't bill gates either.

Of course, you pay more (especially for Xeon systems, but the performance is there with their 512KB, 1MB or 2MB L2 cache, I have used 512KB and 1MB in the past, Sweet, yes? - by Rick C. I love Linux, FreeBSD, and all the other *nix systems, but their design apps fail to compare to their Windows/Mac counterparts, no matter how junky they may be (I really hate Windows 98 48 Bit Lba by R.

So, after three more generations of Windows, are we only up to 2 GB? Windows Me Hard Drive Size Limit This was at a time when most programmers thought that people should share programs, not use them to exploit one another with them. People stick unregistered memory into a board and it can only handle so much. Seems important to waste money time and effort supporting them then, eh? - by BitchForBitchSakes Hey Guys (4:52pm EST Tue Oct 02 2001) I know that 768, 384, 512 MB of

What gives with XP PRO or… - by 5150 MD XP Pro memory (7:55pm EST Tue May 06 2003) I'm runnig dual 2.8 ghz xenon processors, 3GB of ram, and a Windows 98 Large Disk Support Unfortunately I can't use more then approx 1.3 gigs per process and I REALLY need to be able to use more. by michi-cdmr / September 20, 2006 12:04 AM PDT In reply to: The 160GB drive will be all of 127GB in WIndows 98. tweak\'e11-05-2003, 02:18 PMgood point.....i forgot about the fat32 converter.

Windows Me Hard Drive Size Limit

How about getting a new Pentium 4 with a 17 or 19 in. I removed the extra 512MB, system booted up great! Windows 98 Max Hard Drive Size What happens next is at the web site.3. Fdisk Windows 98se Furthermore, I'm running 2 scsi u320 hds in RAID 0 format with some 37GB per drive.

When I finally got Windows to load, everything locked up. check my blog Cheers,Rita Graça.My DOS machine: MS-DOS 6.22, Pentium MMX 200MHz, 64MB RAM, AWE64 Gold, 4GB HD, Philips 19" CRT, 3"1/2 Floppy, CDROM, Parallel ZIP, ThrustMaster FLCS+TQL+Elite. If you run a BBS you should consider setting up a network share for data storage. I usually try to keep all of our systems running 256 or higher running Windows XP Professional. Windows 98 Maximum Volume Size

You folks sure have a lot of knowlege of the memory limit of XP. Realy fast, if I could get more then 16 colors, I'd be all set…lol - by The ZarconDeeGrissom Test 98fe (12:51am EST Thu Oct 04 2001) insert swapfile usidg thingy in MAKE SURE IT IS FAT32 NOT NTFS AND A PRIMARY PARTITION. http://internetpasswordpro.com/windows-98/windows-98-not-recognizing-cd-drive.html If all else fails, make a fat32 partition in the middle of the drive, waste the first 20 gigs and last 20 gigs.

It is hard to test this out as most users of the consumer-grade windows will not have more than 128 or 256 MB installed. Windows 98 Ram Limit This is a limitation of hardware. Tried limiting memory, didn't work, upgraded to xp Makes sense on MS's part, a reason to use nt/2000/xp - by kp Only Recognize 1Gig (9:48pm EST Fri Dec 21 2001) I

No Spyware for me with XP, I've got a corporate edition of the OS and they don't require you to check in with them if you have it.

Two utility programs I have (Sandra SiSoft and another one "My Bios" I think it was) stated that 768Mb is the maximum memory my Motherboard can take. Maybe by having it partitioned as 2GB partitions, because that's the limit of MS-DOS 6.22? everyone wants to know the long story and how we because stuck with the 128mb limit you mentioned. - by chuck best info ive found yet (10:45pm EST Tue Jan 07 Ssd Windows 98 To by pass the limitation, you have two options: * Set the cylinder value to 1024 or less and use Ontrack's DiscWizard Starter Edition to provide support for the whole drive.

Thank god for such insight. - by bacterialfilm Max mem for 98/me (12:40am EST Sun Nov 25 2001) Yeah, 98/Me is limited to 512.

Why don't you people just search DOS and Windows operating systems limit the drive capacity to 8.4 Gbytes per physical drive and 2 Gbytes per partition. NOTE: some video cards need a patch from Microsoft or an updated driver in order to boot with that much RAM. have a peek at these guys There is enough documentation on the web to show that 95/98/ME have sloppy code which causes trouble after 1GB of Physical ram is reached. 2K and XP do not share this

From a 5.8-inch OLED display, reports of wireless charging and even a 3D scanner for facial recognition, it's all here. Dead Roland SC-55 MK2 wanted , click me for AmiBay ad! Paint Shop Pro 3.x Retail wanted , click me for AmiBay ad! Hodgin RAM (2:15pm EST Tue Oct 02 2001) Windows 2000 = 4GB Windows 9x/Me = 512MB - by In the know I believe… (2:22pm EST Tue Oct 02 2001) At crucial.com, You'll need to start from the begining (new install) to fix that.

This can be done when creating partitions on the drive.6322 Cylinder (3.27-Gbyte) LimitationSome computers have a BIOS that does not properly handle a cylinder value over 6322.