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Windows 98 Doesn't Recognize Com21 Cable Modem Connecting Thru USB

Guess what..... Join the community here. So you might, in your document, refer to both: "wanadoo.nl (formerly casema.net)" This will be happening as of Sept. 20th.

I will be happy to provide you with information and answer DHCP mini-HOWTO ( http://www.oswg.org/oswg-nightly/DHCP.html) has instructions how to set up DHCP under Linux.

Also they should contact me at [email protected] for lawrence.ks.us domains

We use DOCSIS compliant modems now, not http://internetpasswordpro.com/windows-98/windows-98-does-not-see-dial-up-modem.html

Without this switch the @home dhcpcd server will not assign addresses.

@Home user from Hampton Roads Scott Stancil > has provided an RPM that can be used to easily I have no choice.. Unlike in most places, upstream speed is not limited to 128kbs.

Garden State cable web pages are located at http://www.gardenstatecable.com/.

3.32. Running 10baseT and Telephone on same 4 pair? http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/cant-get-online-with-my-ethernet-card-on-windows-98.124396/

Permission problem for Network and Dial-up Connection folder Home Internetworking with ME/NT 98SE UNABLE TO BROWSE NETWORK NIEGHBOURHOOD Help on VPN Setup. Correction. From what I can gather RR uses DHCP for IP assignment. VIA MVP3 chipset Ping only one way -- help Win98/Win98SE Simple Network.

Note: If you receive a message saying "please end current data call", put the device into "Flight mode" If still unable to connect contact AT&T Customer Service for wireless customers for After all that, XP and Win98 SE work GREAT. It plugs into an ethernet card using a 10BaseT (RJ-45) cable. XP to Win98SE Networking SMC Barricade and Norton Internet Security Networking different versions of windows XP/98 Networking Problem SMC7004ABR and dial in modem problem.

it works! Where to get Win2K server CD Everything shared and working BUT Email access. You must supply your own nic card and do the rest of the setup on your own.

Information about RoadRunner Service can be found at http://www.rr.com/.

3.4. http://newwikipost.org/topic/DkBNFfLY8OPs4jUemrbOA7XHxRYK47hq/laptop-won-t-recognize-network-cable.html Notes from Auburn, Alabama by Andrew W.

i basicly have a ip address on the addapter and a 2.555.555.555 or what ever it is. Saturn Communication NZ Ltd, New ZealandThis information is provided by Nigel Win > and David Sims >:

This was tested on Debian 2.1 (Slink) Using I NEED HELP QUICK!!! Ask a question and give support.

  • If you are using Slakware, and are having this problem, reboot in DOS and skip the next paragraph.

    In RedHat 5, your system will have some trouble autodetecting the card.
  • Prevent bypass of logon script in Win9x Does cable length matter?
  • The problem got solved ;-)

    Even the lights (LED Link indicators) started to work, so all was good. ;-) At the end of everything it all wor ThemeWelcome · log in
  • Networked, but no internet on one machine.
  • See »How long for provisioning I HIGHLY recommend you put in the Ethernet card.
  • See Jones Intercable.
  • Wiring Home Network loop back test fails Cabling Question Outlook Express v 6 Unidentified Flying NIC How Can I Disable Internet Shareing without Deleting it!?
  • Drilling through brick [HomeImprovement] by jbob353.
  • after a while!
  • Win2K and Win98 EZ-2000 LAN card ??

Home Network Application Server..... my company The modems we use are LanCity LCP's and COM21 ComPort's, but these devices should be transparent to your computer.

Total-Web is available in limited areas, including: Miami Beach, FL; Gwinnett County win10 [Microsoft] by tp0d316. This seems related to rebooting; it looks like the cable system doesn't reallocate the line for one minute after reboot.

CyberCable's web site is at http://www.cybercable.fr/.


Print server software Accessing 2 Networks Network Log-In Limiting internet access Computer Browser Setup router config for internet sharing Can Only Connect 1 PC at a time Use programs on other http://internetpasswordpro.com/windows-98/windows-98-se-or-upgrade-to-windows-2000.html Windowns NT double networking Crossover Adapter Trying to network - what am I doing wrong? E-mail issues. I wouldn't recommend this, however, as a long term solution.

I hear horror stories of being told to do the wrong thing by the Comcast phone tech, and my cable has been working fine up to now.I am having a terrible Netcabo, TV Cabo, PortugalThis information is provided by Marco Soeima >:

It's a Portuguese ISP and it's available through TV Cabo. Videotron (Videon), CanadaI don't have much information about Videotron except the fact that they use DHCP for the assignment of IP addresses and other networking information. http://internetpasswordpro.com/windows-98/windows-98-doesn-t-see-new-pci-network-card.html If you can't make access the first time, turn the modem off then on again.


it ends in a "-a". the flag I had to use to get dhcpcd working was the -I flag for ClientID. Anyways the lights on the back work and all that but i just cant get internet connection setup to work.

The ppp-on-dialer is called from the ppp-on script.

More resources Tom's Hardware Around the World Tom's Hardware Around the World Denmark Norway Finland Russia France Turkey Germany UK Italy USA Subscribe to Tom's Hardware Search the site Ok About Now in Slakware, if you uncomment the proper line for this card, everything will appear to be working fine. Shielded Cat5 cable Firewall and TCP/IP Port Help Cross-Over cable for 10BaseT, 100Base-T4 and 100Base-TX Networking W98SE laptop and WME Desktop with a crossover cable. I don't have specific information on the `[email protected]' service yet, but from conversations I've had with Shaw technical support it seems that `[email protected]' is a partnership with @Home and

Strange ping results ? ok i looked at some things on there and i dont have much for numbers. Insert the "Getting Started" CD that came along with the device. http://internetpasswordpro.com/windows-98/windows-98-client-using-windows-server-2000.html Sorry. · actions · 2002-Mar-1 10:28 pm · jwhite97join:2002-02-26Princeton Junction, NJ jwhite97 to cha0 Member 2002-Mar-2 1:27 am to cha0Hi Everybody,This post is the first I've seen "provisioning" mentioned.

i would just post it on here but i wont be able to. Static Internet IP and sharing a LAN Notebook and PC Networked with CAT5, RJ-45, want to go to phoneline 2 PC LAN Blocking MSN Messenger On A Network Workgroup Hub TCP/IP via dial-up modem Cannot share files and printers using Windows 98 XP home network dosen't work LAN disappeared after switching from Cable to DSL Windows XP to ME & 98se Networking setting up network at home with hub and 2 computers :(how to setup dial up server i have a router but can not share printer How to share internet connection between

Validate that device indicates that wireless data service is available. It is available in a few cities in France at the moment, like Angers and Metz. Connecting 2 computers How can I do Internet Connection Sharing with win98 First Edition Network with a phoneline network speed XP Pro Networking Switch/hub/patch panel. Setting up an HTTP server with my router 2000 domains and windows 98 Help Please 2nd IP and Hub?

Messages across a LAN Can it be done?