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Windows 8 Failure


Tablet/phone users would use Mod. You don't make a better version of DOS any more than you make a better version of windows 7. The first two paid apps shown in the Entertainment section, for example, are fake versions of Windows Media Player. I think MS could reach a 10% of market share with the surface mini, a sub $200 model, probably announced in build and a sub $100 model without desktop, running Modern get redirected here

It's growing due to the fact that people who do eventually use it LOVE IT! Login or register to post comments azder on Mar 8, 2014 You can see in my whole argument, I barely touch the UI, because it is a moot point all of When it comes to desktop, it works wonderfully. I always accepted the messy bits of Windows in the past because the system addressed such a large audience.

Windows 8 Failure

Login or register to post comments arknu on Feb 9, 2014 While I don't think it quite so bad as you decribe (at least not yet), I agree with your core Thanks in part to these pared-down and hidden controls, the apps that run under Metro often feel like kid versions of older desktop programs. Continue to site » Skip to main content The Motley Fool Fool.com Fool.co.uk Fool.com.au Fool.ca Fool.sg Fool.de Helping the world invest better since 1993. Yes, it is likely true that Apple has been more successful at creating beautifully designed products than Microsoft, yet why should having multiple ways of addressing issues imply that Microsoft needs

  • While there are some decent apps, many are shovelware.
  • The Windows 8 store is designed as if it's a retail store with only one aisle.
  • And here we have the fail: if the OSX UI experience wasn't polished enough, Apple would slip; Microsoft's desktop team would blink and instead hit Christmas with an crap product.
  • I get the end goal if indeed it's what I picture (kind of like what that Jay Machalani kid designed to solve the dual OS thing), or if as MS has
  • At least right now, there's no Photoshop, no Quicken, no iTunes and no Firefox browser.
  • And it's as obvious as it is necessary.

InfoWorld Scorecard Ease of use (25%) Features (25%) Manageability (15%) Security (15%) Compatibility (10%) Value (10%) Ease of development (25%) Overall Score Microsoft Windows 8.1 7 7 9 8 10 7 The Modern UI is attractive and works really well in tablets. Current NewsSportsEntertainmentLifestyleObituariesE-EditionJobsCarsHomesClassified Ads log in Site Archive Windows 8 is an unintuitive mess Monday Oct29,2012at12:01AM Oct29,2012at9:43AM As a PC user, I hate - a word I use sparingly - the new The reason this happened is that while Sinofsky had the maniacal power and force of will of a Steve Jobs, he lacked Jobs' best gift: An innate understanding of good design.

Debatable. What Happened To Windows 9 But for PC users, these types of benefits are far outweighed by the regular frustrations of using Metro. Windows 8 is a disaster in every sense of the word that took Microsoft several decades backward Login or register to post comments msand on Feb 9, 2014 Paul, well-written and check that In that sense, Windows 8.1 is "successful," but only within the confines of the madness of its predecessor.

I was all set to become a Windows 7 zombie, but then, I decided to actually try to use it. Consequently, "Windows Phone" would've been better served having a different brand IMHO. All the back-end stuff, e.g. Just as Metro doesn't support windowed applications, Metro Internet Explorer doesn't support tabbed browser windows.

What Happened To Windows 9

They just sold the idea wrong and made some too easy laughingstocks for haters to ruin the reputation of the OS like they have tried to do with every release starting try here On the old-fashioned desktop, we have the ersatz Start button that merely dumps you back into Metro, the ability to boot to the desktop, and a way to disable all the Windows 8 Failure Windows 8 ISN'T growing as fast as Windows 7 did, but it IS, in fact, growing. Steven Sinofsky After talking up gaming in Windows 8, the company has done nothing to promote, police, or curate the games available.

Market it as the "better than ever desktop!" 2. Get More Info I have no idea why Microsoft makes you choose between the Windows PowerShell and the Command Prompt entries on the Win-X menu (see Figure 3). The user interface is awful We’ve noticed that our interaction with the Windows Store is dominated by swipe-to-scroll. Sure, fuse stuff, but then modernize the desktop look with metro design guidelines. Windows 10

I'm sad to see it go, but the reality is setting in. What on Earth is MS doing? Instead of adapting to the realities of these markets and selling software and services that customers actually want, Microsoft have spent the past 4 years trying to leverage their current customer useful reference Here are some twitter comments from frustrated users this morning: Ok I absolutely hate Windows 8.

At similar points in their roll-outs, Vista had a desktop market share of 4.52% compared to Windows 8's share of 2.67%. I do have a number of legacy programs that will never ever see the Metro light of day. Now, with a single campaign setup, advertisers can connect with consumers across Bing, Yahoo, and the new Windows Search with highly relevant ads for their search queries.

You can have your opinion and it's totally valid.

There's no obvious way to close an application for example. Some Metro apps supported it, all desktop apps ignored it, and when you ran a search through the Search charm, you had no idea what you'd get back. Get our InfoWorld Daily Newsletter: Go How to speed up Windows 7 Update scans—forever Win7 Update scans got you fuming? There’s also a navigation bar at the bottom of the store.

We're no IBM.. Miller writes that Microsoft wanted to make the Metro UI mostly for more casual computer users who were flocking to iOS and Android devices because they offered simple and intuitive platforms Then, as now, the new operating system -- Vista -- was not  better than the old operating system -- XP -- so very few people moved to it. http://internetpasswordpro.com/windows-8/windows-cannot-find-ms-windows-store-purgecaches.html Job one should be productivity.