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I have looked at the new Palm's PDA and from what I am reading there is no desktop applications available using the Palm OS.Are there any other PDA available that has November 21, 2009 | pete WELL,, THIS IS ALL SAD TO HEAR... December 4, 2009 | r4i I agree with most of the above. Synchronizes an unlimited number of private and public Outlook contacts folders. http://internetpasswordpro.com/windows-10/windows-10-software-compatibility-checker.html

How can i run this application to andriod or some other presently available OS. HTC Droid Incredible Sync Outlook Contacts and Calendar data with your HTC Droid Incredible using these steps. I really need a trustworthy app that's either free or very inexpensive. I chose a HTC Desire HD and Android 2.2.

Palmone Software

June 14 - Joe Sewell on Quick Tip: Shortcut to Reboot your Palm Pre June 14 - zhaohui on Sprint Business Unit now Training online for Palm Pre - Sprint Employees I concur with one of the above post and can't believe Palm would abandon so many loyal customers. Besides, some problems synching through mac desktop...sorry for my English ... 15 01 2013 Pat in Texas (01:27:14) : I've been using palm products since the beginning of the palm III, Vote Up00Vote Down ReplyJanuary 15, 2013 5:04 pm Load More Comments Visit Slipstick Forums.

I added one account under settings, accounts, microsoft exchange active sync, and that is working correctly and syncing my calendar, contacts, and tasks with outlook.com. It gives you possibilities Exchange Server has never offered; synchronize mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, etc.) with Exchange Public Folders; create common company calendars and contact lists; synchronize email, and James 21 06 2011 James (13:24:56) : As a quick follow up - over time I have started using the google tools more and outlook less (it is so slow!). Palm Hotsync Even If the company is honest, we can not trust the admins(dba's) who are working for the company will be the same as company. 5) All new phones, like Androd, webos

If you get any error's or it just stops at a certain point, can you tell us what and where? Palm.com/support/for Help I am attempting to learn as much as I can about the new ways of life but I am very heartsick that Palm died. Folders is quite good but too slow to manage big folders, in my opinion. B-Folders is OK and has all the features you need, but it is a bit clunky to use still.

I did try this and hard reset as well, to no avail. Mynewpalm Contacts synced with Google mail / Google contacts and a desktop application. The main thing I require is a calendar that supports floating events. November 17, 2009 | JCH opened my new pre last week, full of hope....

Palm.com/support/for Help

First - GoSync will sync all of your contacts to Google Cloud as well as your calendar. Procedure: DO NOT connect the device to the computer yet. Palmone Software I can't give it up yet and I need to be smart about the migration. Hotsync Windows 10 Like James, and others, I hate the idea of a closed world like iPhone, and figured I should move to Android.

This will allow you to sync calendar and contacts as well as email. Goodbye Treo 650 and Palm OS Garnet! Palm provides a website where the software may be downloaded for free, however this software is generally provided without the extra features that come included with the bundled/packaged CD. I don't care about using gmail, just want to be sure that Android will fully sync my Hotmail mail, contacts, and calendar. Palm Desktop Windows 10

Use m.hotmail.com as the server name. I have the old Palm Pilot that I am using with my Blackberry. If you create the account as a POP3 or IMAP account, you will not get calendar and contacts unless you use a 3rd party tool, such as companionlink to sync with EAS is the easiest method if you have an Exchange server account or Outlook.com (Hotmail).

I removed all data from the calendars and from the agenda storage app, as this was indicated as a solution. Palm Inc Google IS NOT comparable to Palm Desktop! I was able to just *import* all of my memos (over 1,200) and contacts from Palm desktop (no re-keying) - no messing with line endings or anything, and the Contacts even

Note Everything doesn't have a desktop client I think, and Spring Pad is cloud based, and does a lot more than I was looking for.

Not only is it nice to be able to get contact info updates automatically from LinkedIn and Facebook, but the cloud approach frees up valuable resources at Palm so that they Their development seems to continue - with free updates being released often. I dont want to sync to the cloud I want to sync to MY computer and my computer only. Palm Pda You can check out what you can do through the google contacts gui.

I want my PALMDESKTOP back, or else Palm You will loose lots of people like me who are devoted users of Palm Desktop and rely so much on it. but a bit irritating to need to enter your password every time you launch the program. Vote Up00Vote Down ReplySeptember 15, 2014 12:57 amDiane PoremskyShare On TwitterShare On GoogleHow were you trying to add it? Please follow these step-by-step instructions.

To start the process I am facing some problems and maybe you could help me. I was able to sync my Galaxy smartphone up with my other personal and business email accounts (yahoo and gmail) with ease, but for some reason, every app I've downloaded from See Syncing Outlook with an Android smartphone for more information. April 16, 2009 | PreThinking I use gSyncit for syncing Outlook with Google.

Are you looking for the solution to your computer problem? Would like to hear your opinion on these. 24 02 2011 James Crisp (11:12:24) : Hi Sunil, happy to help out another long time Palm user 🙂 1 & 2: It NOTE: Depending on the amount of installed applications as well as PIM data to be synchronized, this process can take several minutes. Anyone?

Editing a large number is not an easy task. colup - shared exchange items Apple iPhone and iPad app to share Exchange calendar, contacts & tasks - administrate shared Exchange items on all smartphones. Thanks for your posting, it gives me some other aps to look into. But I feel this is a frail victory.

Lotus Notes GroupWise Highrise Zoho CRM Supports all databases already listed, as well as: Outlook Business Contact Manager GoldMine Salesforce CRM SugarCRM Device Profiles 1 2 5 Sync multiple databases/folders to I never found a good app to emulate my blackberry but to make things even worse is my 2000 + contacts which I was able to migrate into the android phone December 14, 2009 | viewtwo Sooo dissapointed that the pre won't cable sync to desktop!!!! Anyone know if this should still sync fine with palm desktop to companionlink, to google to the pre???

James 19 10 2011 Catherine (21:43:43) : I too am finding some comfort in your post and the comments. What about this Treo/Palm OS function? The second portion of the Installation Wizard involves synchronizing data for the first time. No matter where in the memo/calendar event, you are taken to the string.

I don't have an droid, so i don't know if the cheap app is any good or will likely meet your needs. September 8, 2009 | MelindaWarren I am fully agree and fully supporting to keep Palm Desk apps. November 29, 2009 | Bharat Patel Can't agree more with most of the comments above. Advertisement Recent Posts Games Stutters After A...