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Why Does Win2000 Hang On Shutdown?

When this problem occurs, you may find the following entry in the registry: Windows 2000 Loses Date and Time on Every Boot Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 243883 - After you install So I misplaced a period and a zero. Thanks for visiting! SOLUTION: Upgrade to the latest Win XP service pack. (Reference & more information: MSKB 317326.) USB: Keyboard or Mouse + Selective Suspend. this content

Consider here the load of non-self-powered USB devices. Many drivers will load, then you should see the Win XP installation screen. He'd just do it all over again with the same results. However, Forum participant "roadrunner" reported that the personal security app Privacy Eraser automatically enables "Clear virtual memory pagefile," and, therefore, may be the cause of a slow shutdown.

Most likely, nothing. Starting a new instance of Explorer.exe does not resolve the issue. As a workaround, newsgroup correspondent "lou" resolved this problem by dismantling the Windows XP logon Welcome screen.

It is just the last thing you see on a problematic safe mode boot, nothing more! Some USB input devices (such as a USB keyboard or mouse) do not support the Selective Suspend power management feature. The main reasons for this Windows XP or Win 2000 boot hang or alleged mup.sys issue are: Hard disk failure or corruption A corrupted registry or registry hive New hardware has Previously, this was only resolved by disabling the Billion ISDN card.

chkdsk does not run) - so as far as Windows is concerned , it did shut down properly. System Restore provides an alternate approach, especially if you need to go back further than the last known good configuration, and Device Manager provides a tool for rolling back to an However, this solution may also have the side-effect of disabling access to your CD or DVD drive. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/194259-46-win2k-hangs-shutdown Could not read from selected boot disk.

Several people solved this reboot-on-shutdown problem by deleting the UDFRINST file. I know that I, Jefe, do not have your superior intellect and education. Hidden "wake on" power settings If you have an Ethernet card integrated into your motherboard, you may have hidden "wake on" settings that are harder to find. This disk contains a copy of the system Registry and provides crucial information that you need to use NT Setup's Repair process to locate and repair a damaged NT installation.

Some users have found that Windows XP won't shutdown properly if unsigned device drivers are used. Clicking Here HOW TO: Recover a Windows 2000 Server that Does Not Start Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 301645 - This step-by-step article describes how to recover a Microsoft Windows 2000 Server-based computer that It may be in the timing of exactly when you press the key. Long Pause During Windows Startup Process Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 242518 - After you choose to start Windows from the Boot menu, you may experience a long delay (or pause)

The solution is to get the updated TPKD.SYS file from PACE. well, that gives us a starting place to focus our investigations. SOLUTION: Uninstall Video Pack 5 and also delete CDRALW2K.SYS (Tip from Christian Männchen). Therefore, more or less anything compromising the operating system during the shutdown process could force this reboot.

Here are the ones I know about: AUTOMATIC WINDOWS UPDATE INSTALLATION. How to schedule a task to shutdown and restart win2k server How can I schedule Win2k shutdown automatically UPS Monitoring in Win2k restarts not shutdown Shutdown in Win2k won't do soft since I have enabled the POWER service, I cannot shutdown normally. http://internetpasswordpro.com/why-does/automatic-shutdown-windows-xp-problem.html When he resolved the mismatch (by removing the PC-100 RAM), he also resolved the shutdown problem.

If there is no specific way to reset theESCD data via the BIOS you can force this by reflashing. This will continue to be a problem for the next few months; it already has been reduced to a very minor cause of Win XP shutdown problems. Just what in the world is mup.sys anyway?

This article is intended to help clarify why the shadow drive does not always boot and how to ensure that it will boot in the case of a primary disk failure.

Was able to slect start normally in Windows next boot -- only happened once every 10 or so times. The motherboard my have failed or was damaged in a particular way such as from an excessive power draw by USB devices or AGP graphics card.One astute and observant reader provided This is not the appropriate shutdown fix for most machines, but does help some users with Windows shutdown problems, and not just with powerdown issues as one might suspect. Please note that Terminal Services is required in Windows XP for running Remote Assistance, Fast User Switching, and (in XP Pro) Remote Desktop.

Renaming the System.alt file should only be used as a last resort after you have tried to recover the system using the ERD. The issue seems related to the computer's specific hardware or BIOS -- so, as with all NT operating systems, stick to the Hardware Compatibility List where possible. Michael Tokarev (mjt+launchpad-tls) wrote on 2012-05-17: #11 Confirming what? 0.14 version of qemu (there was no 14.0 version) is very old. The same devices plugged into an Asus A7M-266D dual AMD 2000MP system on the same OS worked without problem.) "Wake on" power settings Power-management settings that have the computer "wake" on

Any questions, complaints, or claims regarding the products must be directed to the appropriate manufacturer or vendor. Toggle navigation Where to Buy Facebook Youbube MSI VR PRODUCTS GAMING Laptops GT Their solution was to remove that particular mouse and all worked fine.