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Uplink Mission Guide


Action: Check the syntax of your command or use sgw_help to display the proper syntax. 34261 MSG: Request rejected: Invalid parameter Explanation: You entered an invalid parameter on a gateway control has been specified. Disconnect and cover your logs, and then go to the Uplink News Page, and wait for news of your hack to appear. Execute sgw_peminfogrppwd %2!

Action: Use the sgw_status rpc command to determine the status of the erroneous RPC. The LUs implemented by the TN3270server are dependent LUs. Action: Either disconnect that client using sgw_disclient or wait for that user to log off. 34228 MSG: Request rejected. Explanation: This client is not assigned to a connection group.

Uplink Mission Guide

Action: Check the RPC name. If the RPC is used constantly, first deactivate the RPC using sgw_deactrpc so that new clients cannot use it to start a query. Explanation: The syntax of the gateway control procedure is incorrect. NOTES: If you take one of these missions, make sure it isn't more than a couple of hours old, by checking the date it was posted.

Explanation: A Microsoft SNA Server for Windows NT allocation error occurred. Explanation: Mainframe Server Gateway is shutting down and is not accepting any new requests. To remove the listen-point PU entity called PU1, use the same command with the no keyword: router(tn3270-lpoint)#no pu PU1 Working with a Listen-Point DLUR PU The following example shows how to Uplink Story Missions PU2 continues to use the value of the keepalive command in the TN3270server configuration level.

Action: Refer to the Novell NetWare for SAA APPC API Guide for an explanation of the error. 34319 MSG: Novell NetWare for SNA error from verb %1!, primary code %2!. Uplink Neuromancer Click on the 'Manage Existing Account' button, and enter the targets account number in the user name field. Action: The host transaction is expecting another follow-up RPC call. http://infocenter.sybase.com/help/topic/com.sybase.infocenter.dc36450.1500/html/msgcds/X17636.htm If you have it, use the monitor bypass.

Press the play button on the Voice Analyser, and wait for the button to turn green, and then click on it. Uplink Motion Sensor Use this to move your connection path back to the previous system. Table4 Supported Configuration Modes for TN3270 Siftdown Commands Siftdown Command TN3270 Server (cfg-tn3270)# Listen-Point (tn3270-lpoint)# Listen-Point PU (tn3270-lpoint-PU)# DLUR PU (tn3270-dlur-pu) PU (tn3270-pu)# generic-pool X X X X X idle-time X For example, a string of "IBM-ZZ..Z," where "ZZ..Z" does not match the preceding syntax, is forwarded as "ZZ..Z." In all cases, the string is translated from ASCII to EBCDIC and truncated

Uplink Neuromancer

Explanation: A Sunlink gateway name was not specified in the start-up command. Contact the Gateway Administrator. Uplink Mission Guide The TN3270server feature on a CMCC adapter card provides mapping between an SNA 3270 host and a TN3270 client connected to a TCP/IP network as shown in Figure1. Uplink Lan Guide If the trace is too long, the mission won't work (you need the trace to be about 25 seconds).

Action: Contact Sybase Technical Support. 34316 MSG: Cannot open the tds log file ‘%1!’. You can set the FTP server to use these ports using the following: PASSIVEDATAPORTS(5000,6000) Note that the PORTRANGE statement for FTP in the TCPIP profile corresponding to this would be: PORTRANGE By clicking this link, you will enter the LAN from the Modem, and can continue on the system. Note that the USS messages in USSXXX should be in 3270 datastream. 3278S2E LU USSTAB=USSYYY, LOGAPPL=TPXP001, DLOGMOD=SNX32702, SSCPFM=USSSCS * Defines template to support IBM 3278 terminal model 2 with Extended Data Uplink Console Commands

Local LU %1!, Partner LU %2!, Modename %3!, Transaction 408 name %4!. The book not only lists a wide range of terms, but also explains the basic operations of components within a system, aided by many detailed illustrations. When you have finished copying them, disconnect and clear your logs as usual. Once the existing sessions are terminated, then future connections will abide by the latest generic pool configuration for that PU.

NOTES: If the file is not there, you can simply reply to the mail and finish the mission without doing any work. Uplink Stock Market The SNA host is unaware of the existence of the TCP/IP extension on the implementation of these LUs. You need to note down the account number, and IP of the bank that it was transferred too.

Once you are inside the system, enter the console.

Explanation: Mainframe Server Gateway received an invalid datastream or the socket with the host disconnected unexpectedly. This line is your connection path. Explanation: The Novell SNA APPC function call mc_allocate failed. Uplink Best Gateway This LOCADDR is used in the NMVT. •Sends the formatted Reply PSID NMVT to VTAM.

These groups of LUs are called clusters. On a system that contains a Wireless Transmitter, a Terminal might contain the frequencies of the Wireless Receivers on the LAN. Explanation: A socket to the CSKL transaction cannot be opened. This is where the 3 options to the right come in.

The TN3270server grants the screen LU and connects the printer associated with termxyz. The following examples show how to create, access, and remove different TN3270 entities in their associated configuration modes. The siftdown commands apply to the corresponding PUs, according to the configuration mode in which they are entered: •TN3270server configuration—The siftdown command at this level applies to all PUs supported by When you connect to a system on the LAN, the LAN viewer will close, and the System will be shown on the main screen.

Explanation: An AIX SNA Services allocation error occurred. All rights reserved. They have no security, and there is no need to do anything to them, they simply connect more than one system to another, e.g. Action: Put quotes around numeric values. 34263 MSG: Request rejected: No host connections are active to the requested subsystem.

Verify that the VTAM operator activated the host attachment, PU, and LU. a Router to the rest of the LAN.