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What The Heck It CcApp And Why Won't It Close?

You can't even shut your computer down It stands for common client application and it is used by norton antivirus / anitspam programs. Sucks. As one of the activities the SMART Centre trained area mechanics in the installation and maintenance of Rope pumps. Syed tahir hassan norton internet security etc essential file...this thing is just a giant blak hole, sucking up all my system resources to the point where i cant even right click http://internetpasswordpro.com/what-the/what-the-heck-are-these.html

I think my inability to shutdown is probably due to ccApp. unit yet my ccApp.exe takes more than 1.6 GB Symantec says: "ccApp.exe is the common hosting application that is used by both Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security. Problem caused at shut down, but messes around with start up and disables the network card somehow, then hangs computer. Your opinion: --- don't know --- 1 (not dangerous) 2 3 (neutral) 4 5 (dangerous) Your infoabout that file: Website with further details: Your Name: Source Search Results for ccapp.exe https://forums.techguy.org/threads/what-the-heck-it-ccapp-and-why-wont-it-close.560237/

Li its a part of Noton Antivirus and you can also see it aprart from task manager while closing win xp as End Program - ccApp mohan Ccapp is a royal You need to ask what else is going on to cause ccapp to occupy you resources. Graduates are increasingly required to change the focus of their work (not just jobs) several times in their working lifetime. I keep having to uninstall/re-install NAV2005 because on bootup the WIN Install Wizard pops up as though trying to install a program and then NAV2005 auto pops up and says that

At the American Enterprise Institute's Conference on Higher Education last week, Diane Auer Jones argued for advancement of these post-secondary alternatives by providing information about the benefits of certificates and apprenticeship Had to reboot. Causes 3d games to continually minimise to desktop. Think it has something to do with FW not accepting automatic checks for new e-mails when the screensaver is on.

If you disable it you are preventing Anti-VIrus from scanning office files, e-mail, and incoming files from the internet. CPU running at 100% all the time in a laptop with limited cooling is not a good thing. :-( Joseph Burke It takes a lot of CPU to run Paul Resets AntDude This program kept writing to my hard disk every 4 or 5 minutes and kept my defrag program from executing. Mikko Ruuska Slows down machine.

Pretty inconvenient if you ask me.... By the way spy sweeper would be a great investment its probably the best out there. When the process in stopped shut down with Task manager I get multiple errors. 80-100% CPU usage. Kaz H It is a part of Norton Antivirus and Firewall.

DOS Man not responding window appears when I shut down in XP. Strange, but true. See also: Link Link Jason it uses a lot of my virtual memory Part of NAV so I turned it on.. it comes only when the system is connected to internet.

I keep having to uninstall/re-install NAV2005 because on bootup the WIN Install Wizard pops up as though trying to install a program and then NAV2005 auto pops up and says that weblink To prevent more memory leak also scan only incoming mail, Norton always has problems when both enabled, no need to scan both direction anyways. finally after weeks of suffering//I get my PC back ... It could be that a virus attached itself to ccApp.exe via back door.

Christine It is part of NIS. It is a legitimate company, but you may want to check the digital credentials, which may be fake or none existent. Paul stopped all functions of my computer except internet (go figure).... navigate here These examples represent imbalanced and mismatched post-secondary education.

A week later I decided to get a second monitor. I do a Ctrl-Alt-Delete. Mike Carpenter This process needs to much memory - memory will grow and grow and grow ..

Stops responding on shutdown and makes startup slow.

pandora jewelry Hypothyroidism is one of the commonest chronic disorders in Western populations. It is so poor that you will turn-off Norton (but then ccApp still runs anyway!) Ok it tries to stop viruses, but I need to use my PC as well! This is norton anti-viruses auto-protect utillity. No issues when not using my e-mail first.

It hogs all my memory, crashes my games, causes errors at shutdown and, I suspect, lags my internet as well! It is not a Windows feature as such, but it is part of Norton Security products. You don't want to be fighting against this guy. his comment is here Reinier VeldmanRope pump training at the SMART Centre06.17.2016read more Opening of water system at Blindschool, Ekwendeni At the school for Visually Impaired in Ekwendeni (about 20km North of Mzuzu) the SMART Centre

Susanne Gyasi Scan Disk will not run nor will Solitary or freecell. royrmon To fix ccapp.exe hanging on shutdown, or game problems, Open Norton/ options/ Norton Antivirus/ auto protect arrow/ unclick arrow to /Start Auto Protect when windows starts up (recommended) ..I got braindeadjones The computer hangs up with the message "ccApp is not responding" Spybot tells me it is a virus or malware, but when I get rid of it my Norton antivirus ash This file is in auto protect of Norton.

It calls the different program features in NAV and NIS. JQ i think its a monitoring program jack hoff Das ist ein Teil von Norton Antivirus. lennekeThe Floridians want the federal government to instead use an04.19.2013read more‹123› The SMART Centre Group [email protected] Workspace: 1024,0 - 2048,738Video card: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200Device: \\.\DISPLAY2\Monitor2ThanX JasonJason Christian Studer 2003-11-22 23:30 If you have the Nvidia desktop manager enabled, try if disabling it fixes the problem (you

link 1, link 2, link 3 RedOak21 Part of NAV... Fixed my problem so there a good chance that will fix yours Ken Agreed with bluejay.