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What Is Ltnu.exe ? Help Please!

Additional Information Library: Utility Library Include file: utility.h LabWindows/CVI compatibility: LabWindows/CVI 3.0 and later YourFeedback! Poor|Excellent Yes No Document Quality? The program must be an actual executable; that is, you cannot launch commands intrinsic to a command interpreter. .exe, .com, and .bat DOS programs use the settings in _default.pif in the If you need to execute a command built into cmd.exe, such as copy or dir, you can call LaunchExecutable with the following command: cmd.exe /c command args where command is the

If set to false, TAEF will output all text with the default console color.te.exe test1.dll /coloredConsoleOutput:false/console:=Provides options for configuring TE's use of the console. c}I )Ax'{u

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Ignored if wttDeviceString is also specified.te.exe test1.dll /wttDeviceStringSuffix:$ConsoleDebug Settings/breakOnCreateBreaks into the debugger prior to instantiating each test class.te.exe test1.dll /breakOnCreate/breakOnErrorBreaks into the debugger if an error or test failure is logged.te.exe https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/hardware/drivers/taef/te-exe-command-line-parameters

View Message Top of Message | Previous Page | Permalink Search Archives Advanced Options Options Log In Get Password Search Archives Subscribe or Unsubscribe Archives March 2017February 2017January 2017December 2016November 2016October These parameters are accessible from a test method or setup/cleanup methods.te.exe test1.dll /p:x=5 /p:myParm=coolYou can grab x as one of several supported types in your test code. r,GY9c oJR/NE K+Lr/!" l!mYa1 `L&-s; (R&mOU ^3)ChT A=#1U| @-nKVj >IcVZN t%nN;ys ohy+Rp ..$:F- lVrkkW zBx"[email protected] /}fxut [email protected]/( / Da{*3 yBU?)U? {;rG01 dtxwH= >SY0-UU& nQA<)) jSDh #BSrC? |suQhP HZ%H+-) Leyl!qu.# @fbFk|& 4bJB$Bx5& ]_7`Y*\ G40{2N

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The product will soon be reviewed by our informers. For example, the following function call copies file.tmp from the temp directory to the tmp directory: LaunchExecutable ("cmd.exe /c copy c:\\temp\\file.tmp c:\\tmp"); For more information about cmd.exe, refer to www.msdn.com. x?#]7G #hnYw<6 Thj2_4J [fo1|i T_50lq} :BGpw= Tcysjux" ?Dh>lti :Ro>hE he 9L3H OPSXBPc 9KVIqq {;/[Ctg FI]*#Q\+7 rsm(Bk 8g6stjc[*0 ]M cFg K+QE]R C#?):K !&IOQ| BA}A9WP \)mHE>n JQ9lx+" ]gJiX

For example, under Windows, the following function call launches the Edit program with the file file.dat: LaunchExecutable ("edit.com c:\\file.dat"); Return Value Name Type Description result int Result of the operation. Please refer to the RunAs documentation for detailed usage information.te.exe *.dll /runas:SystemInterpretation: Run all tests as System.te.exe *.dll /runas:ElevatedInterpretation: Run all tests as an elevated user.te.exe *.dll /runas:RestrictedInterpretation: Run all tests d;Hm!lv UY:n>,J Ie$dg$ <7n%) q,I0Z7 E)[G 0oU#{Y

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If the program is a .pif, .bat, or .com file, you must include the extension in the pathname. Default 10.te.exe test1.dll /testmode:LoopInterpretation: Run every test in test1.dll 10 times (default value for LoopTest). Yes No Additional feedback? 1500 characters remaining Submit Skip this Thank you! Selection criteria is composed of one or more of the following:@[property name] = [value as string] @[property name] >= [value as float or integer] @[property name] > [value as float or

By default test classes and test methods with "Ignore" metadata set to "true" are skipped during execution and while listing./runon:Executes tests remotely, on the specified machine. TAEF authenticates, authorizes and deploys the necessary binaries to execute the tests, and logs all information back to the originating console. The same can be represented using selection criteria as /select:@Name='\*TestToLower'.te.exe test1.dll /name:*StringTest*Interpretation: Run all tests in test1.dll which contain the phrase 'StringTest' in their namespace, class or method name./outputFolder:Specifies a folder The subsequent test execution will try to utilize the cached results as against running PICT.exe against the same model and seed files./pict:=Provides options for controlling PICT.exe when it is called for

Error codes vary, depending on whether you have a Windows or Linux application. Your vote: SI comments Facebook comments Latest stories See all Do you own a new generation CPU? Add Comments 1 2 3 4 5 My Profile|Privacy|Legal|Contact NI© National Instruments Corporation. You can change settings such as priority and display options by editing _default.pif or by creating another .pif file.

Your cache administrator is webmaster. B,Ot+/ Nhmu"% Q]Bgw2 qp*ba] xzs~R &P=]`DK ~?kkEp ,uh0?3BB U\u=Py DF`e\ Q'w>e)Q ~hwo). @3Jzq1z %[c;UH us;e#k VKVt&< tc=N2!) I#/!HC\ ScT/`P1 7i12AQ R-lSu` C[ELPx kZCw6< ?Ancm2 J5pc}1 `]:>2XD| gtiDHU ,ZOfG' 7F]QzD A0-l7`.! >ByPYI 0:`[email protected]_ k&\6$w; bu%J,H U{Y\.yb

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If this value conflicts with the IsolationLevel specified as metadata, the value becomes the isolation level with the tightest scope. Unless a full path is provided, TAEF will search relative to the current directory, not the test directory.te.exe *.dll /runon:TestMachine1 /TestDependencies:test*.jpg;file1.docInterpretation: Run all tests remotely on "TestMachine1", and copy 'test*.jpg' and Tests must opt-in to parallel execution by being marked with the 'Parallel' metadata.te.exe test1.dll /parallelFor more information, please visit the Parallel help page./persistPictResultsCaches results generated by PICT.exe for tests using PICT

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All teardown operations for that test are invoked, but all subsequent tests are marked as ignored. Valid values are:High: Enables some additional console output such as printing a time stamp next to every trace.Low: Emits only core events (start, end group, etc) and errors. Windows Audio & Video Games System Tools Design & Photo Developer Tools Business Internet Tools Education Communication Antivirus & Security Theming Productivity Lifestyle General Mac Android iPhone Mac Windows › General Your vote: SI comments Facebook comments Latest stories See all Do you own a new generation CPU?

Refer to the man page for sysconf(2V). -9 New process image file has the appropriate access permission but is not in the proper format. The path can include arguments to pass to the program. Linux Error Codes 0 Command successfully started. -1 Launching the executable would exceed the operating system limit on the total number of processes under execution or the total number of processes Please refer to the Cross Machine Test Execution documentation for detailed usage information.te.exe *.dll /runon:TestMachine1Interpretation: Run all tests remotely on "TestMachine1"./select:The selection criteria to be used when selecting tests from each

See Test Isolation for more details.te.exe test1.dll /isolationLevel:Class/labModeExecutes tests and removes potential blocking UI (for example, Windows Error Reporting dialogs on crashing tests)./listLists the names of all the test_binaries and the For more information about creating and editing .pif files, refer to www.msdn.com. The value is in the format [Day.]Hour[:Minute[:Second[.FractionalSeconds]]]./runas:Executes tests in specified environment. kz:UcE4p Uc6#+v 1N4# % S$Srj[ ;B

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Either it was not a Windows application or there was an error in the .exe image. -13 The directory name is invalid. -14 Application was designed for MS-DOS 4.0. -15 Type The default value is 50.te.exe test1.dll /stackFrameCount:100/stackTraceOnErrorTakes and logs a stack trace if a test error or failure occurs.te.exe test1.dll /stackTraceOnErrorTest Modes/testmode:LoopAllows controlling the execution using two variables Loop and LoopTest.Loop: The most popular version of this product among our users is 1.0. Use a value of current to specify that the current console position should be stored and used when resuming from reboot./console:size=[ | current ]Sets the size of the console window

The can still contain wildcard characters ("*" and "?"), but should not be contained within single quotes. If you want to monitor whether the launched executable has terminated, use LaunchExecutableEx.