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What Does The "VFP" Stand For Here?

It appears the user simply clicked the "New" toolbar button like they do hundreds of times a day... This is just one example. Granor,Ted Roche,Steven M. This graphic checkbox hides or shows the Call Stack window. have a peek here

Be sure to put the VFP version (and SP version) that it occurs in New ones at the top. If you use a 1 in the third parameter, the data uses spaces to separate each field. Featuring a robust programming language, a full-featured IDE, and a powerful object model, rich client development has always been a joy. See Microsoft Visual FoxPro bug report and feedback If you find them on the list, add the KB# so the original submitter can make sure that MS 'got it'. https://forums.techguy.org/threads/what-does-the-vfp-stand-for-here.143044/

These files contain the current settings that you have entered, including watch expressions, breakpoints, and other settings from the breakpoint dialog and event tracking dialog. flavallee replied Mar 17, 2017 at 5:06 PM Loading... The “Clear All” button is functionally equivalent to the button on the Debug toolbar with the hand with the “X” – only here, if you decided you didn’t want to clear I made the connection through a php web service on the server, and an actives (com) INET component on the client to establish connection.

He lives in Contoocook, New Hampshire. However, in a user-defined form, it closes nothing and saves nothing. Jos Constant Uninstall VFP 8 and reinstall, but this time, go ahead and do the Windows Component Update, even if it doesn't seem to be required. It's there in MDSN too, must be related to an IE something -- Jos Constant Bug in VFP6SP5, fixed in VFP7 & VFP8 beta: Basically, when an object's property that is

Love your work! Subjects such as Active technologies as they relate to VFP, the Class Browser and Component Gallery, VFP's Builder and Wizard technologies, and VFP's version of IntelliSense are covered in detail. This is a further extension to the concept promoted by the book.Yes VFP 9 Sp2 runs on 64 bit machines, and runs fast and trouble free.Thank you Whil for the detailed This function takes data from a table or cursor and puts it into the clipboard.

You can get a table of Debugger shortcut keys by looking up “Debugger keyboard shortcuts” in the VFP help file, but to save you the pleasure of loading up FOXHELP.CHM, I’ve ON ERROR * Of course, this doesn't mean that your program is bug free. Those same tooltips appear at the corresponding X,Y coordinate after scrolling to a different view port. The class defines any number of randomly named popups, and later, deactivates them -- but never releases them.

This is great when you want to print a chunk of code from a program, but not the entire program. additional hints not sure why but, like you say, only with custom methods I gave up used 6 until vfp8 came out Tim Hustler Same here in VFP 7 SP 1--but only if This button will clear all existing breakpoints. if you click OK after going to the properties for that shortcut, the shortcut NOW works correctly (ie: loading and saving the shortcut's properties fixes it) This is, of course, still

WARNING: Here’s a “gotcha” related to me by my good friend Matt Peirse: If you have an existing breakpoint on an expression in the Watch window, and you revise the expression Copy a class At first, it appears that there isn't a way to copy an existing class in VFP. To demonstrate, run the sample code several times over, then do a DISPLAY or LIST MEMORY. -- Willson De Veas Sample code derived from http://gethelp.devx.com/techtips/vfox_pro/10min/10min1099/10min1099.asp *? I can't think of a suitable use that justifies its interference with the otherwise well-understood meanings of "=".

I would rather that my line errored on compile than not, if I mistakenly coded:
lcVar = 'This is the text that I expect to go into the variable that I Try typing any of the following statements in the Command widow: debug set step on set echo on activate window debug | trace | locals | call The Debugger appears, and Code: * replace c:\windows\temp with your temporary files directory RUN attrib c:\windows\temp +S CREATE CURSOR Test ( Field1 L ) ALTER TABLE Test ADD COLUMN Field2 L Andrus Moor I'm not Define Popup fred RELATIVE SHORTCUT Define Bar 1 of fred prompt 'Item1'+Space(200)+'.' On Bar 1 of fred ACTIVATE POPUP fred2 Define Popup fred2 RELATIVE SHORTCUT Define Bar 1 of fred2 prompt

The Objects filter works on top of the other three. See “Where to go from here?” below. define class TxtBug as textbox procedure interactiveChange This.left = thisform.textwidth( trim( this.value ) ) endproc enddefine Any chance this article covers what you describe?

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You can subclass it–but there doesn't seem to be any way to copy a class. and any parent container is not visible. It’s changed to include a separate menu item for each of the Debug windows. This is extremely useful when you display something from the Command window with the question mark (?) character and the results end up getting shown behind a bunch of other windows.

VFP Definition / VFP Means The definition of VFP is "Veterans For Peace" Community » Non-Profit Organizations What is VFP ? TIP: You can also use the Set Breakpoint option on the right-click menu in the design-time source edit windows to set a breakpoint on the line of code that the cursor When multiple lines of code are executed, a temporary program is created and then run. Featuring a robust programming language, a full-featured IDE, and a powerful object model, rich client development has always been a joy.

Step Mode You can step through the program using the Trace window context menu, if you are addicted to that right-click-drag motion, but the rest of us will probably prefer to Random acronyms What does MCPG mean What does PSPA mean What does RIG mean What does MSED mean What does TDT mean Recent view all oil filling l sanitary cabin woosley However, you have to realize how this works or you might not get the expected results. What does the "VFP" stand for here?

You can set the delay between statement execution by selecting “Throttle” from the context menu and setting a value in seconds in the resulting dialog: WARNING: Before you turn on Trace Q207797 - BUG: Cursor Jumps Around when Typing in Edit Box Not only does it move the box around as you type (that is expected), but it flips the text around My strategy has been to type out the method name and leash parentheses first, then go back and prepend "THIS." or "THISFORM." That prevents the crash. The only drawback of setting breakpoints in this dialog is the awkward syntax required: you have to type the name of the method, the line number, and the name of the

Okay, okay, I guess this isn't such a great idea. For example, when I populate my combobox, either using an array or value, and one of the elements is "S&P", it displays as "S&&P". Not as cheap as the 400's I'm used to getting for $25; but, still not as expensive as I thought it might be. This grapic checkbox hides or shows the Trace window.

There are couple of interesting things to note: Standard controls the display of PRIVATE variables. Login TheSTANDS4Network☰ ABBREVIATIONS BIOGRAPHIES CONVERSIONS DEFINITIONS GRAMMAR LYRICS PHRASES POETRY QUOTES REFERENCES RHYMES SCRIPTS SYMBOLS SYNONYMS USZIP Search Abbreviation » Term Term»Abbreviation WordinTerm #ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZNEWRANDOM Search Abbr.»Term Term»Abbr. This site is completely free -- paid for by advertisers and donations. Plays havoc with any serious attempt at pattern-matching, since some strings will match erroneously (example, doing UK postcode matching: INLIST("A99AA","A9", "AA9", "A99", "AA99", "A9A", "AA9A") = .T.

NOTE: Executing a CLEAR ALL in the Command window does not clear these breakpoint definitions. Otherwise your program will inexorably step its way line by line to the next wait state in your application – even if it takes hours. there is an API function that will do it subsecond. Same for me.