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What Does 'no Active Geoip Provider' Msg In Chrome Mean?

Once authenticated, the payment provider receives the authentication from the carrier's system (e.g: by injecting headers in the HTTP request). Check this interesting video about this topic. How Can *I* Get this Wonderful Data? If it doesn't work, select the Tools|Add-Ons Manager menu item: the Add-ons Manager opens, select Extensions (on the left-hand side), then you can drag and drop your XPI file there. 2.3

What is this brown, 4-pointed seed pod? It's also been reported that certain security applications, such as ThreatFire, may prevent some Firefox extensions from being installed. tax like the cart. * Fix - Order again with custom attributes. * Fix - [CVE-2015-2329] Prevent potential XSS within tooltips (discovered by Fortinet FortiGuard Labs). * Fix - Paypal debug This happens when there are multiple frames, or script elements linking code hosted on 3rd party hosts.

In addition, implementations like Android and Firefox already map the cellular connection type to a metered connection. 8.3 Why not specifying the class of cellular connection (2G, 3G, etc.)?We didn't find Therefore you must allow both youtube.com and ytimg.com (you're probably missing the latter). 5.4 Q: I'm worried by the fact some sites require the akamai.net domain to be whitelisted. about:xyz, moz-safe-about:, resource: A bunch of internal pseudo URLs. What's going on?

The "Notice: undefined index" is a bug that I will fix. UPDATE: Note that while v26.0 is better it's still not perfect so you may want to downgrade your browser to v23.0 (or earlier). The browser can use knowledge of the screen’s pixel density, or whatever other factors it deems relevant, to choose content responsibly. ignore the attribution comment...

This site is completely free -- paid for by advertisers and donations. Difficulties in Raising Religious Children With Non Religious Fiance How to create this pattern? By looking at these applications we've come up with a set of requirements. More generally, this article has shown you how fun and easy it can be to integrate web services into your projects.

Firefox Marketplace does so as illustrated bellow: User is prompted to enter the phone number they want to pay with. Requirements4. Another setting you may be interested in is noscript.stickyUI.liveReload, which causes quick reloads to happen when you change each single site even if the menu remains sticky (false by default). 5.6 For example, the user starts a download over Wi-Fi, but then leaves their house or switches to another application.

A: If you're a security-minded user, you probably want to build your own customized whitelist suiting your needs and keep it as short as you can. this page message boards or Wikipedia, because it prevents persistent XSS (also known as "Type 2"). Some web services are for communication (talking to other computers or humans), others are for manipulation (mixing and crunching data), and still others are for retrieving data (getting information that would Loading...

A: You need to Allow file://, either manually (NoScript Options|Whitelist) or from the Recently Blocked Sites submenu. 3.25 Q: I apparently cannot enable any site: all the "Allow" menu A: about:blank is the common URL designating empty (newly created) web documents. If you can't isolate a misbehaving extension, you may want to follow the other advices here. 3.17 Q: Some pages display the little NoScript icon with one or more links The main JavaScript code is executed when the document is ready.

If you just prefer to restore Firefox's default (less safe) behavior of allowing JavaScript and plugins by default, but you'd like to retain Anti-XSS protection and the ability to selectively blacklist As some connection types may never be encountered, synchronization may not occur in certain situations. 6.16 WhatsAppThe WhatsApp application allows the user to choose what media to download over mobile network, Is there any way to prevent this? 2.6 Yes, I love NoScript, but releasing new versions every few days is getting tedious, can't you limit updates to once a month?! 2.7 What's happening? 3.4 I met a page where a movie clip is supposed to be played, but I get a popup saying that the Windows Media Player (WMP) plugin has performed

It coincides with me releasing 7.x-1.23 today.... Firefox up to 1.0.4 was affected by the 2 years old Bug 217967 which used to randomly crash the browser after security permissions have been changed. It also offers the settings to adjust the quality of the music stream and to forbid it while on a mobile connection. 6.5 NetflixNetflix affords users the choice to restrict video

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When no data connection is available, it uses SMS. Preventing accidental data transfers over cellular, which could use up the user's data transfer quota and/or cost them money. 3. Since NoScript blocks 3rd party scripts which have not been explicitly whitelisted themselves, you're still safe, with the additional benefit of an early warning :) 1.12 Q: When I enable Showing the user options to synchronize items over a connection type that is not supported by the device can obviously be confusing. 6.3 Google Play StoreGoogle Play Store offers an option

Basically it is a package that centralizes anything related to find out where someone is to provide info about where you are (in the harmless sense: the nearest macdonalds ;) ) No, you won't, most probably. Downloading large audio books can take significant time, depending on bandwidth. This information needs to be available either immediately on page load or as close as possible to it.

This section also examines various independent iOS s, which are available in the AppStore. 5.1 SettingsiOS setting's provide users with the ability to control which applications can communicate over cellular. So, if you absolutely need the ScrapBook extension and until ScrapBook authors don't work-around this limitation, you have to Allow file://, either from the NoScript menu or the NoScript Options Dialog. Log in or register to post comments Comment #14 RdeBoer CreditAttribution: RdeBoer commented September 25, 2013 at 10:50am @dottormeno: Thanks for your report... In order to support both Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Edge we've done some refactoring of the variation add to cart scripts. * Tweak - Updated Geo IP API services. * Dev

Blue region in satellite image 22 year old inherited 30k from 529 payout; wondering best way to invest more hot questions question feed about us tour help blog chat data legal Not all IP blocks can be traced directly to a state or city (and mobile devices can generate misleading results), but at least the country will always be available. This can cause some issues on websites behind load balancers or reverse proxies. [Read more](https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/ssl-and-https/#websites-behind-load-balancers-or-reverse-proxies). * Fix - Escaped shop url in empty cart template. * Fix - Escaped product tabs and it is such a light-weight module.

However some Ubiquity actions depend on certain web sites to be allowed. This is because developers might incorrectly downgrade content on assumptions that certain connection types means a particular network speed. 8.4 Managing downloadsWhen starting a large download, one ought to ask whether So, we cannot see any additional value that exposing if a connection is metered.