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Open Ended Questions


How long has your teacher worked at this school? Those people most likely to be able to give you a useful answer are also the busiest people (if only because they take on the most work themselves). Those are loser attitudes.There have been hacker forums where, out of some misguided sense of hyper-courtesy, participants are banned from posting any fault-finding with another's posts, and told “Don't say anything How many chops do you need to divide a chocolate cube? have a peek here

Do not expect to be able to solve a complicated problem with a few seconds of Googling. If you feel it's important to state your guess, clearly label it as such and describe why that answer isn't working for you.Stupid: I'm getting back-to-back SIG11 errors on kernel compiles, It will also help to direct other people with similar problems to your thread by linking the search terms to what will hopefully be your problem and resolution thread.Take your time. If you have multiple or single choice questions with a lot of options for answers, you need to be aware that this might introduce another bias, as participants are likely to

Open Ended Questions

Have patience: the person with your answer may be in a different time-zone and asleep. Whom would you want to be your Amazing Race partner? Because that seems to be a greater determinant of how our lives turn out. Why do they ask this?

I was in love not with the fight but only the victory. Improves confidence. Get Results There are 8 questions to complete. Keep in mind, that after 50 questions, the user is most likely to not read the question anymore.

Exceptions: Yes/No questions do not use a question word… …but they still follow ASM (Auxiliary verb - Subject - Main verb) Do you like bananas? Yahoo Answers Saves time. As you start using this strategy in practice tests, keep in mind that what may work for some people, may not work for others.  When you are preparing for the GRE® https://manual.limesurvey.org/How_to_design_a_good_survey_(guide) Which of the following fruit do you like? #Apples   () #Bananas  () #Cherries () (single choice) You can use Conditions, to make next question appear about cherries, if participant chose

This blog also provides another useful list of "Survey design tips & tricks" Before making a survey. Why do you preffer cherries? #They are tasty #I love the color #They are healthy #They are juicy #I love cherry pie. (multi choice (or single choice, depends if you need Tell me about a time you disagreed with a company policy. Will you donate money to help the river?

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So don't use instant-messaging shortcuts. i thought about this If your mail program doesn't permit this, get a better mail program. Open Ended Questions Speak up on the research that you conducted, the facts that you presented, and the outcome of your attempts to have the policy re-written." RELATED50 cheapest countries to live in4 ways If you ask your question on-list and it is answered, a future querent could find your question and the answer on the Web instead of asking it again.If certain questions are

Do you need burping and diapering, too?” followed by a punch of the delete key.Smart: I tried X, Y, and Z on the S2464 motherboard. It can tempt you to talk about your personal life — which you shouldn't! "Most candidates are not versed in seeing this as a trick question, so they may answer by For rating scales it might be useful use an even number of rating options so the user has to decide for a certain direction (see below). Example: People may say "yes" to donate money if you ask the questions this way Do you love nature?

The querent assumes that somebody else screwed up. What are you most proud of in your career? But even then it was never a question of if I’d ever be up playing in front of screaming crowds, but when. Provide your vendor's distribution and release level (e.g.: “Fedora Core 7”, “Slackware 9.1”, etc.).

Ask yourself if a documentation or FAQ patch would help, and if the answer is yes send that patch to the maintainer.Among hackers, this sort of good followup behavior is actually However, asking a question in a reply is a dubious practice in itself, because it will only be seen by those who are watching this thread. What is the biggest hole you can cut in a cube?

Be very, very sure of your ground before you try this, however.

Sometimes the members of the asked group may simply not know the answer. Among hackers, “Good question!” is a strong and sincere compliment.Despite this, hackers have a reputation for meeting simple questions with what looks like hostility or arrogance. Modal Questions: QUESTION WORD AUXILIARY VERB SUBJECT MAIN VERB What would you do if you had a million dollars? People like that are time sinks — they take without giving back, and they waste time we could have spent on another question more interesting and another person more worthy of

Imagine receiving 100 "no" responses. Do not make optimistic guesses about whether your question will be welcome — if you're unsure, send it elsewhere, or refrain from sending it at all.When selecting a Web forum, newsgroup How big is the universe? But even in that case, don't assume that the mailing list doesn't exist.

One of the best strategies that has consistently demonstrated a test-taking advantage for thousands of test-takers is to answer the easy questions first (the ones that you can answer with little Question 2 is so bad it's painful. Selena GomezEscute a versão remix da música "It Ain't Me", feita pelo Dj Beau Collins! If you have some malfunctioning code, it is usually smarter to ask for someone to explain what's wrong with it than it is to ask someone to fix it.When asking about

That may be a bit of a generalisation, but its a good rule to live by. The point was to gather recipes related to cherries, apples and bananas. When that didn't work, I tried A, B, and C. Again, Google and other Web-searching methods are your friend.

If you say, "This is the only job I'm applying for," that'll send up a red flag. No response is not the same as being ignored, though admittedly it's hard to spot the difference from outside.In general, simply re-posting your question is a bad idea. So look for those channels first when seeking project-specific help.In IRC, it's probably best not to dump a long problem description on the channel first thing; some people interpret this as This is good.To understand the world the experts live in, think of expertise as an abundant resource and time to respond as a scarce one.

You may have heard that Google is a great place to work, but that off-road strategy would spell doom, as you're being given the opportunity to theoretically work at your 'dream Check out her website or say hi on Twitter. What are the best cheap eats around here? Did you publicly blow the whistle?

Did a backlash ensue? Question 1 doesn't really achieve anything.